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5 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer Rather Than a Full-Time Staffer

If you’re looking for great content from a talent pool you can trust, but you’re not sure about hiring a full-time staffer to handle it, you should know that hiring freelancers benefits your company more than bringing on a new employee.

Why? Because freelancers come with tons of perks that you just won’t find in that full-time new hire. There’s no reason to settle for less than what you really want and, with the right freelancer, you won’t have to.

If you haven’t used freelancers in the past, you might not realize just how many benefits hiring freelancers gives your company. After all, in the past most people just hired a new employee when they had a need for additional support, or a type of work their other employees didn’t or couldn’t do.

Here are just five of the biggest benefits you should be considering, when you compare employees with freelancers.

1. Choose From a Huge Talent Pool

Getting the right person for the job matters. When you hire freelancers you benefit from a huge pool of talented professionals. You won’t need to hire from your local area, either, and can choose someone from anywhere.

By working virtually with freelancers, you’ll enjoy the perks of a big pool of talent that can give you more options than ever before. Hiring freelancers has benefits that aren’t always easy to find when you’re limited to local applicants, especially if you’re located in a small town or rural area.

Why choose from just a few people, when you can choose from dozens or even hundreds of freelancers who have the skills and expertise you’re seeking?

Freelancers come from all areas of the world, and all walks of life. They have individualized experiences in their lives and careers that can add additional value to the work they provide. When you find one that fits with what your company is looking for, it can feel like a match made in heaven.

2. Get Access to Specialized Knowledge

Working with freelancers means getting access to diverse education and knowledge. If you hire an employee, you know what skills and levels of education they possess. But if you work with a pool of freelancers, you can pick and choose which one you want for which task or piece of content.

Especially in industries or niches where some specialized knowledge is highly valuable, a freelancer who has that knowledge can be a gold mine of information. They can also help add to your company’s credibility, because you know the work they produce will give value to your customers.

Some of the biggest areas for freelancers who have specialization include:

  • Medical and dental content
  • Real estate listings
  • HVAC and home improvement articles
  • Technology-based information

But those aren’t the only areas where you can expect to find a knowledgeable, specialized freelancer. You might also need one who has experience flying a plane, or knows what it’s like to run an animal rescue. With so many varied talents in the freelance community, you’re sure to find the specialized level of knowledge you need when you’re hiring freelancers for big benefits.

3. Create a Flexible Schedule

One of the biggest ways that hiring freelancers benefits your company is through flexibility. Need steady content for a month, and then not for a couple of weeks afterward? That’s okay! You can work with your freelancer and get the benefit of a schedule that meets your needs.

You also won’t be looking for something for an employee to do when there isn’t as much call for content. Instead, you can just get back to your freelancer with a new content request whenever you’re ready. It’s flexible, easy, and convenient to enjoy the benefits of hiring freelancers.

If by some chance the freelancer you normally work with is busy, there are a lot of others to choose from who can give you the quality and value you’re looking for. Working with freelancers makes it simple to create the kind of content you need, on a schedule that’s right for your company and your customers.

4. Reduce the Risk to Your Company

Marketing your company is a great way to earn more customers. After all, you need people to see what you offer and like what you have to say. Then they’ll be more willing to buy products or services from you.

When you hire freelancers the marketing benefits are even stronger. That’s because you can expand upon your marketing while reducing risk in several ways, including:

  • No onboarding / training costs
  • Easy to move to another option if things don’t work out
  • No HR issues with healthcare, vacation time, etc
  • Make changes without affecting internal processes
  • Bring in more diversity with fewer employees

To help your company succeed, you need to keep your profits and value high and your risks low. Some of that depends on your industry, but there’s more to the issue than just your niche. You can also explore the benefits of hiring freelancers to mitigate risk while accomplishing more.

5. Save Money in a Big Way

Saving money may be the biggest benefit when hiring freelancers. Hiring and training employees costs a lot of money, and it’s money that could be better spent on other things.

If the employee doesn’t work out, you’re back to square one and starting all over again. It’s no secret that can be frustrating, but it can also get very expensive.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than cycle through employees, trying to find the right one, you can hire freelancers when you need them, for the tasks you want completed.

Don’t need anything done that week or month? Simple! Don’t order any work. Find out you need something last minute? Also simple! Reach out to your trusted freelancers and ask for help.

Especially if your content needs are somewhat sporadic, there’s no reason to hire a full-time employee. That employee is going to cost you a lot of money in salary and benefits, not to mention all the times they don’t really have anything to do.

What company wants to pay money for that?

Freelancers have hiring benefits that encompass a lot more than just quality content. With their specialized knowledge and education, diverse voices, and flexibility, you can save big money and get just what you want and need for continued business success.

Ready to hire the quality freelance writers you’re looking for, and explore all the ways that hiring freelancers benefits your company? Sign up for a free trial of the WriterAccess platform and get started today!

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Freelancer Michelle Dakota Beck

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