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Hiring a Freelancer for Your Custom Writing Needs

Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of hiring a freelancer for your custom writing needs? It seems everyone today is hiring freelancers, but what’s behind this movement? There are lots of reasons why hiring a freelancer makes sense. Have a look:

1. You Don’t Have to Pay Salary Taxes

When you hire a freelancer for your custom writing needs, you escape the burden of paying salary taxes. Freelancers are categorized as independent contractors, which makes them responsible for paying their own taxes. You don’t have to do anything more than deliver a 1099 by January 31st, following the year that you paid the freelancer an excess of $600.

2. You Don’t Need to Supply Steady Work

A freelancer works for multiple clients–as many as they want. Therefore, you don’t have to feel like you need to supply steady work to the freelancer. If you don’t have any custom writing orders for the time being, the freelancer will simply work for another client who does, and vice versa. Since the freelancer isn’t your full-time employee, you don’t have to supply work during off-seasons, or when your custom writing needs have already been fulfilled.

3. You Can Test Out Different Freelancers

Perhaps one of the best reasons to hire a freelancer for your custom content needs is that you can test out different freelancers. You are under no obligation to continue using a freelancer for any reason at all. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, or if you would simply like to see what another freelancer’s writing style is, you can easily place an order with someone else, with no repercussions or ramifications.

These are three very good reasons to hire a freelancer for your custom writing needs. Get started by placing an order today!

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Kathleen S has over 10 years of freelance writing and SEO expertise. Kathleen has honed her skills in a wide variety of print and digital media outlets. Her published work has appeared in such publications as Top Agent Magazine, Parents Magazine,,, Health Magazine, Life Extension Magazine,,,,,,, and many more.

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