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Hire Someone Who Cares

Here’s some good news: If someone out there cares enough to read it, then someone out there cares enough to write it.

In other words, when we say that you should hold out for a freelance eBook writer who takes a personal interest in your subject, we’re not suggesting that you do the impossible. If you can’t find a writer who’s interested in your niche, you won’t be able to find readers who are interested in it either. There are writers out there who will give your project the attention that only someone with a passion for the material can provide.

Writers tend to pride themselves on the ability to grasp almost any subject and develop a basic, working knowledge of it with only a few hours of research. Not only is this how most content is produced, it’s how most experts are made: A writer takes an easy assignment on, say, workplace safety. Feeling a little more confident, they take a more challenging assignment on the subject and so on until they become the go-to writer for someone who needs a lot of content produced on the subject.

With eBooks it can be a little tricky, though. If you have a long enough deadline, then certainly, your writer has plenty of time to really acquaint themselves with a subject and

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source from experts in the field while writing the assignment. But, this is a bit of a dice-roll. A writer may be equipped to understand the subject, but if they discover two chapters in that they have no passion for, then it’s too late; they’re already locked into writing an eBook that they find boring and that your readers will, too.

Here are a couple ideas for making sure you connect with a writer who cares:

  • Test-drive your writers. Give them a couple of assignments on a subject, and if they’re repeating all the same information from the first assignment in the second, they’re probably bored with the subject.
  • Seek out a proven expert on the subject. The better content sites will let you see a writer’s interests and qualifications, and may offer the option of only showing your assignment to qualified writers.

When hiring writers, you are going to meet a lot of talented wordsmiths who may not know the subject at first, but who will treat the job as an opportunity to develop a new passion. But, writers need to make a living, so they’re not usually going to turn their noses up at an assignment that they find a bit dull. In fact, if we’re being completely honest, the average writer isn’t going to say no to two hundred assignments in a row on a subject they find dull. Steady work is steady work, so the pressure is typically on the client to seek out the right writer for the job.


Gilbert S is a writer and artist who lives in rural New Mexico with his wife, and dog, Sir Kay.

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