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Hire Article Writers to Boost Your Marketing Power on Google+


When Google+ (Google Plus, G+) launched in June 2011, many Internet users thought that it was a Facebook clone. The community was slow to take off, and had a number of detractors. Since that time, it has continued to grow, and smart entrepreneurs and big business observers are realizing that Google+ is another animal altogether.

Google+ has developed into an active community where all of Google’s various products come together. It is a gathering place of information, interest-based communities and business-to-business contacts. One of its best selling points is the connection with Google search. For instance, online authors can claim Google authorship which connects their work with their Google+ profile. Google authorship also adds the author’s picture to the Google search listing. Google authorship unites a single author’s work across the Internet, giving the author a connected body of work.

For professionals, Google+ communities are an excellent place to stay updated with industry news, new tips and tricks and trends. While LinkedIn is still the best online directory for job search, Google+ is developing into a professional networking community. Many companies are marketing to these communities by joining them and posting relevant information. Members can also hang out together in a live forum called “Hangouts” where scheduled interactions take place. It is similar to an online coffee klatch.

While Facebook has become gossip central for the Internet, Google+ offers a richer, more mature interaction. This reason is why it is an ideal place to market to businesses and professionals. Because of the tendency of Google+ members to read posts more fully, it pays to hire content writers to boost your marketing power on Google+. Many companies have yet to take advantage of this marketplace, and article writers for hire can craft a first-rate message targeted to the exact audience you are trying to reach.

Savvy local businesses are using Google+ to cater to their local customers by creating business pages that connect to Google Maps and Google Local. You can add customized written content after claiming your business on Google+, and all of these marketing avenues are free of charge. When customers search for you on Google’s search engine, you can have your business listed in several places, rich with keywords, letting them know exactly where you are located and what your hours are.

Marketing on Google+ is truly an opportunity that business owners can’t afford to pass up. By using professional content writers to promote your brand via the Google+ network, you can achieve the viral presence to propel your company to greater outcomes. Posts get passed from member to member, each having the possibility of reaching a large number of members. With the power of Google+, businesses have the ability to reach new customers and raise their visibility on the Internet.

Paula A is a freelance writer who works with a cup of coffee at her side to keep herself fueled. When she is not writing, editing or drinking coffee, she is chauffeuring her family to activities, making jewelry, trying recipes or making a quick run for a hazelnut latte.

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