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Hire a Copywriter and Get a Marketing and Business Consultant Too

Companies that rely on copywriter services only for content writing have not used the full potential of their freelance copywriters. While in most cases companies are giving freelancers a simple assignment with instructions to follow, often copywriters have ideas of their own that go unheard. By building a relationship with writers, companies can get feedback from an outside view that has immense knowledge on marketing and business strategies.

What Do Copywriters Know?

They know a lot. Online copywriters have worked for hundreds of different companies across many industries. Most freelance writers have experience not only working with businesses directly but with marketing services too. Copywriters know what works and what doesn’t. They understand audiences as readers, aware of how to style content for scanning and readability. Copywriters can grab attention, hold it until the end and craft content that doesn’t rely on forced sales pitches or generic blurbs. By engaging audiences with the right tone, copywriters appeal to emotion and make products and services appeal to more customer bases.

A Fresh Set of Eyes

When working with freelancers, companies get two bonuses to the relationship. First, as clients write up their ideas and instructions they begin to grasp how well they know their own company, target audience, keyword needs, website tone, product clarity and article purposes. Second, clients learn how someone else views those same questions. Freelance copywriters are not employees of the business and do not have preconceived ideas about the company. As Tom Albrighton writes on Econsultancy: “Whereas in-house staff ‘go native’ and adopt your company’s way of thinking, a copywriter (like any external consultant) brings a new and different perspective that can be refreshing and revealing.”

How to Get Copywriters to Consult

Companies hire online copywriters for their writing services. However, great copywriters are already analyzing a blog, website or point of an article when they start working. Most have ideas on what they would change, edit or add as well as questions about why a company is neglecting to utilize SEO, cluttering too much content on one page or using outdated font sets and poor design themes. But freelance copywriters, respectful ones, will not just blurt these out to clients while doing an assignment. As clients build a relationship with an online copywriter, they can begin to ask for feedback and ideas. Freelancers receiving good pay, encouraging comments and follow up assignments will be happy to oblige with their perspective.

Copywriter Bundle

Freelance copywriters have seen which marketing strategies succeed and which ones fail. Since their best interest is to keep working for well-paying clients, copywriters are eager to offer their business insight to help companies make the right moves. By developing relationships with freelancers through copywriter services, clients get content and company feedback for a great value.

Daniel M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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