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High-Quality Content: At the Heart of Successful Content Marketing


Content marketing has changed a lot, mostly as a result of Google making update after update on what’s okay and what’s not in content writing. But one thing is for sure: the need to hire writers to create and distribute great content for a site will never change.

Let’s face it: as a business, you don’t have time to write for a living. You have thousands of other things you have to do to keep your business afloat…things that have to do with sales, product development, and customer service. It’s hard to work in “writing blog articles” to that busy schedule. What you need to do is hire writers to do this job for you, so that you are not forced to do it yourself. You also need to find people who can do this well enough to hit a nerve in the online shoppers  looking for what you have to offer.

Here are some tips to finding the best content writers who will represent your business goals in the best way and help work this into your content strategy:

  1. Choose writers with experience. Use the same strategies and personal judgement that you’d use to choose a regular, company employee. Find people who know their business and have the experience to do it well.
  2. Choose writers who know your niche area, listen to your needs as a business owner, and understand your goals for the business. It is critical that you connect with content writers who know how you need the content to work for your business. This is a unique kind of writing. It’s not story-writing for kids’ books. Choose writers who understand how to connect with visitors on a personal level, so that they will keep coming back to your business.
  3. Choose writers who understand the value of good content over SEO, but still use SEO when it’s needed. In light of Google’s most recent updates, it is important that writers write great and engaging content, while also subtly speaking to the search engines. This means focusing on the content valued by the reader, while also inserting keywords in strategic, natural places.
  4. Find a content marketing agency that knows the business of content marketing from the ground up. One of the best things you can do is find an agency with high-level content writers, so that you will not always have to search for writers to deliver the message you need. Also, content sites allow you to focus on specific writers who learn about your business and can keep your blog filled with relevant and engaging information to keep readers coming back. A blog is all about repeat visitors, which lead to more traffic and sales. Make it more interesting than their favorite TV show. If you’re not their favorite channel, they’ll move on.
  5. Focus on writers who can skillfully and creatively give readers value and information, rather than focusing on the sales process. Subtly is the key. People are tired of being sold to directly. They want information which answers their questions. Then they will be convinced to try your brand.

Google has made a lot of changes to precipitate the need for change but, ironically, everyone has finally decided that what drives successful content marketing is just great writing!

Deborah K is a successful full-time writer, tech guru, and business owner who helps businesses reach their goals through successful content marketing.

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