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Hack Your Marketing With Cutting-Edge Developments From the World of Software Development

Scott Brinker, editor of and author of Hacking Marketing, joins WriterAccess founder and CEO Byron White to discuss how the principles drawn from Agile software development can help make your company’s marketing engine smart, faster and more innovative. Brinker explains how in today’s rapidly changing marketing world, Agile principles can help even “non-techy” people incorporate feedback from front-line teams into upper management’s decision-making process, then quickly adjust your company priorities to adapt to that feedback. The best news? You may already be doing quite a few things right.


In This Episode

  • You don’t have to be a tech-minded person to take advantage of “software savvy” and approach projects more strategically.
  • Learn how to create a marketing plan that adapts to — and capitalizes on — the sometimes surprising feedback you get from the world of social media.
  • Learn how to build flexible priorities and continuous innovation into your organization.
  • Learn the two key things leadership should offer to get the best out of any marketing team.

Quotes From This Episode

“It isn’t about strictly following the methodology, it’s about finding a cadence for operating in this world of constant change that works for your particular organization.”

“The problem is for marketing, particularly as we’ve had this explosion of touchpoints and all kinds of channels and activities we’re now responsible for, is for most marketers, these things aren’t very well prioritized… What gets done, and with what quality, can actually have a pretty high variance in it.”

“What either makes it thrive or fail is a lot about the actual culture, the spirit of embracing how we’re going to approach that iterative feedback loop, that transparency of what people are working on, that transparency in prioritization of what’s most important.”

“If leadership doesn’t buy into it, it really doesn’t matter how much you go through the exercises and methodology.”

“In a world where the environment for marketing just changes so rapidly and we have to be able to respond to feedback through social media, marketing really has a great opportunity to incorporate more iterative and incremental management in its operations as well.”

“If you’re an existing company that’s looking at how you adapt to this new environment, the good news usually is there are probably a set of things that are working for you today. You don’t have to throw those out, you can absolutely continue to operate them.”

Tune in to the podcast to get more insights in flexible, adaptable and Agile marketing practices from Scott Brinker.

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