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Grey Poupon? Making Highbrow Humor Work for Your Brand

Highbrow Humor Brand

To find and attract a sophisticated, educated, and a knowledgeable audience, highbrow humor can be a clarion call to your kind. There are many advantages to slipping a soupcon of upper-caste wit into your content marketing to heat things up. You amuse, flatter, and inspire your audience and set the bar in the vertical direction. Your evangelicals will experience a frisson of delight in being among the elite. And should you wish to insert earthy elements into the mix, the juxtaposition between your sophisticated language, references, and ideas will add an appealing tension that adds that piquant spice to the works. True that.

Cabernet Sauvignon vs. Mad Dog 20/20

One of the great things about creating content marketing for B2B and B2C taste-makers and consumers is that by utilizing humor that revolves around clever wordplay, in-depth cultural references, puny science and math jokes, and a depth of knowledge ranging from historical facts to current events, you will challenge and delight the natural meritocracy who are your natural allies and customers.

You don’t need to involve a demolitions expert, a drone, or other high-dollar special effects. You make this happen via your superior analytical skills. Try this metaphor: You can enjoy a nuanced Cabernet Sauvignon coupled with a smoked salmon, capers, and crème fraîche on toast points-caliber presentation for the same funding as it would cost you to create a salty peanut and Mad Dog 20/20 presentation.

Your primary ingredients are information and imagination. It bears repeating: it costs no more to market a highbrow humor presentation than turning out marketing content that simply floats the facts and hopes for the best. As S.H. Britt observed, “Doing business without (amusing) advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.” The moral of this observation? Wink where it works.

Using highbrow humor in your presentations, promos, and social media offerings will help you to appeal to the smart, educated, and a quite cool coterie of browsers who possess the sophistication to appreciate your product or service. Both you and your fanboys and fangirls will get to employ that hard-won degree. A well-rounded education hones a finely-tuned sense of humor that exults in gags turning upon a knowledge of literary classics, Euclidean geometry, and sociological nomenclature. A quality education is priceless, despite what some lenders of student loans would have you believe. But be that as it may…


Highbrow humor appeals to intelligent people. And smart people, scientific studies concur, enjoy superior sex and possess a sensational sense of humor (but you, indubitably, already knew that). Intelligent individuals are frequently formally educated and have obtained what is referred to as “a good job.” People who have good jobs often have access to greater disposable income. See where this is heading? Of course, you do, because you’re smart! And because you’re smart, you’re exploring the idea of enhancing your media presence via sophisticated wit. 

So, let us now contemplate your smart fanboys and fangirls’ aspirational desires, and touch upon the topics of humor and content marketing. Your presentation. To reiterate our argument using a Venn diagram, the people who are educated, smart, have great sex, appreciate the superior quality of your goods and services, and are amused by sophisticated wit meet precisely at the spot in which you are positioning yourself by utilizing highbrow humor. Bullseye!

Spice Up Your Content Marketing with Wit

Highbrow humor connects your product, goods, or services with class. In working to understand your references, rock with your anecdotes, swing with your riffs on culture, parse your unassailable logic, and appreciate your quirky math jokes, you will lure the smart set to seek you out as a status brand.

Ponder these media presentation superstars and find your inspiration:

A) A rich mustard is spiced up with aspirational wit (Grey Poupon).
B) The perfect booze shot pivots on sizzling and smart sensuality, and this is almost always a brilliant move (Jagermeister).
C) A men’s cologne is propelled by solid market research noting that the primary purchasers are women who want their old men to smell good (Old Spice).

These are marketing legends, and they came to be writ large by marrying wit with an aspirational appeal. For the spicy and intoxicating smell of success, you, too, can utilize the alchemy of wordplay, witticisms, and psychology. Add some sex appeal if you like. Mix and apply generously.

Have Your Fans Chortling in Their Joy 

Distinguish your brand by being seriously and elegantly flat-out funny. You’ll set yourself on a grander plateau than your peers, and by wielding cerebral wit you will rule over all that you survey. Capture the highbrow higher ground by generating content that turn on sophisticated observations that amuse and delight the big hearts and magnificent minds of your evangelicals, making them (note the Lewis Carroll “Easter egg”) laugh and chortle in their joy, bowed over by your wicked-cool presentation.



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