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Grammar Apps for Adults

When is the last time you flipped through a grammar guide as a writer? Not in years? Well, shame on you! Just kidding. For most professional writers grammar wordbooks and paperback guides are long gone with the wind. Sure we all have “The Elements of Style” on the shelves, but considering you write wherever and whenever you can, you aren’t going to be able to access that when you have a question. More importantly, we can make mistakes just like any other writers, and if we don’t catch them, they catch us downstream with embarrassing errors. If you want to improve your grammar capabilities, check out these three apps you can download on your phone or tablet.

LearnEnglish Grammar UK ed.

This free app has five stars with more than 16.7 reviews on iTunes. The app is also available on Google Play for gratis. Good stuff! The LearnEnglish Grammar UK ed. provides us US writers with the opportunity to do two things at once. Work on your sentence structure and improve your Brit lingo. The app features simple fill-in-the-blank and word circle-type activities. Not too tedious and an across-the-pond take on grammar practice. Plus the app is backed by the British Council.

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge

About that British Council, the UK agency also has supported another super popular app—Johnny Grammar Word Challenge. This app is all about speed and building your grammatical endurance. You get quizzed on word use, grammar, and spelling in 12 different forms of grammar including conjunctions and prepositions. Earn badges with fun names like Grammar Hotshot and Grammar Genius. It’s a gamer’s pick in terms of making grammar practice stimulating. You can also compete with other grammar players with a leaderboard for the various categories.

English Grammar (Tenses Test)

With the Tenses Test version of the English Grammar app on iTunes and Google, you can update your skills speedy quick. This app features various grammatical structures you then practice with specifically. We’re talking simple present, past continuous, present perfect continuous…you know the likes. You practice, practice, practice until you are ready to be tested via the app. No gaming theory, just good old fashioned writing and fun times with grammar-arranging.

Find More Grammar Fun

If you want to keep getting your grammar on, get back to the WriterAccess blog whenever you can. We feature the latest and greatest in grammar and content writing in the web content work.



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