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Going Hollywood: Finding Blogging Inspiration from the Big Screen

Movie Inspiration for BlogsMovies are a perfect choice for a date night or family activity. What you see on the screen can also be a good tool for cultivating blog ideas.

Movie plots drive the action and shape characters. These same plot devices can offer inspiration for constructing a blog and infusing it with fun and informative content. Whether you are looking to hire blog writers to manage your blog or write posts yourself, you can turn to a few familiar plot devices for ideas on how to structure your content.

Slasher Movie

In a slasher movie, the killer hunts down a group of characters one by one until a sole survivor or a pair of survivors remain. Bloggers can take on the role of a slasher in their own blogs. Create a series of posts where you pick off related topics one by one. If you write a personal finance blog, for example, you can approach getting out of debt from different angles through examining types of debt, offering debt reduction tips, and elaborating on common debt mistakes. Creating a series of related blog posts will convince readers to come back for a second serving.

Buddy Comedy

You always get a mismatched odd couple with the buddy comedy. It can be a jaded veteran cop with a naive rookie. Or an uptight businessman with a free-spirited slacker. Bloggers can also play the mismatch game. You can team with another blogger to do posts where you debate a topic or have a discussion on a current event relevant to your niche. Followers of both blogs will enjoy seeing your debate and it exposes you to a whole new audience.

Man vs. Society

Plots often pit man versus society and feature a main character who attacks the status quo in pursuit of justice. This can involve, for example, a lawyer helping a victim win a case against powerful people who try to intimidate the victim into silence. This plot device can also work well for blogging. Bloggers can speak out about unethical or immoral trends in their niche. Taking a stand lets them spotlight a cause that needs the spotlight.

Man vs. Nature

It creates great drama to see a character placed in circumstances where nature becomes their adversary. They are forced to find ways to survive while battling a vicious storm or a deadly animal. Bloggers can draw on that drama. Your audience can find inspiration in your tales of overcoming obstacles related to your niche. It can offer a blueprint for navigating those same obstacles, making your blog a valuable informational resource.

The Sequel

Popular movies almost always lead to sequels. These sequels continue the story line and let audiences see their favorite character deal with new conflicts. Sequels can also be a good method for fleshing out your blog content. If you have a post that generates high traffic, revisit that topic again. Explore a new angle or offer additional insights that follow up the original post.

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