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Gigging More Eggs Into Your Basket

People are quick to dish out poultry advice on money, often involving counting eggs before they’re hatched or putting all of your eggs in one basket. Of course, the fabled baskets are meant to represent revenue streams, including passive forms, which can take some time for most people to weave. In the meantime, you may only have one basket. As long as you have a steady influx of eggs, that can be just fine. What good are a bunch of empty baskets? With the gig economy growing, there are plenty of means to make a basket overflow.

Chickens are Everywhere

As companies streamline and idolize efficiency, many are finding as many one-and-done style tasks to outsource as they can. Not only is it usually cheaper on payroll, the savings also spill into tax, liability and insurance spending. For people who are interested in picking up these tasks, there is no shortage. Websites like Upwork claim that more than 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies are among its clientele, with 66 percent of major companies already otherwise known to outsource.

How to Get the Eggs

So many are picking up on this transition that the number of freelancers able to transition to full time went up 12 percent between 2014 and 2017. So, how do you get these eggs and where are these chickens? Well, some examples could be:

  • Transportation. Let’s knock this one out, first. In this day and age, we all have at least one friend who is doing a side hustle with their car. Be it chauffeuring people around town, or dashing things from door to door, this is one of the easiest, and most common, of the gigs people are turning to. All you need is a car, phone, and the state-minimum requirements to operate each to do this work.
  • Education/Tutoring. Mother hens will lay eggs out the you-know-what for college-prep tutoring to get their kids the best opportunities in life. Many universities are actively seeking online professors to teach from abroad. If you have a knack for imparting information to others, those others will gladly pay.
  • Website and Image Design. With the emergence of entrepreneurs seeking to capitalize on the gig economy, there are many people needing assistance with creating a functioning website to give to prospective customers. All of those new delivery tutors may need someone with an artistic eye to stand out from the professors offering rides.
  • Bookkeeping. Numbers are not everyone’s favorite part of business. If you’re great at data entry and arithmetic, it is almost a guarantee that someone will find a use for you.

WriterAccess has covered the different industries participating in the gig economy, before, detailing the breakdown by percentage. The top three industries were: Professional and business services 20.6 percent; Construction 17.2 percent; and Education and health services 14.2 percent.

Writing is another example of a gig service. If you could use this particular one, WriterAccess can help! As a service to our community, please feel free to inquire about your risk-free 30 day trial today.


Graduating Magna Cum Laude with an AS in Paralegal Studies, Neth W. has drafted personal profiles and resumes, analysis reports, self-help and comedy essays, and a variety of legal documents including, but not limited to, domestic and class-action complaints, research reports, memoranda, scripts for depositions and interrogatories, Municipal Bonds, and multi-million dollar license agreements for the city of Nashville, TN. Neth can write as informal as first-person humorist tales, to as formal as APA format.

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