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Ghosts or Guests: Choosing the Perfect Writer for Your Blog

As a shrewd website owner, you know modern blogs are an entertaining and effective way to disseminate information about your unique brand to clients, customers and supporters, but it only works if your blog content is engrossing and written with an appealing voice. As of this moment, there are large, intimidating swarms of skillful writers frothing to craft exceptional articles that naturally elevate the reputation of a company, attract both fresh eyes and repeat visitors, and also foster a growing community, all with just a tap of their fingertips. Though expertise, skill and style are important considerations for choosing a writer, there’s one more aspect that you must weigh: Are you choosing ghostwriters or guest writers?

What’s the Difference?

Ghostwriters, for the unfamiliar, are like freelance writing ninjas. They remain masked and anonymous, so you’re free to claim ownership of the masterly result. Guest writers, on the other hand, are more like movie stars in a cameo role. They offer name-recognition and played-up personality. So, which writer is the one for you?

Who You Gonna Call?

Abandoning the ninja simile in favor of a — timely — pop culture reference, it’s easy to illustrate how ghostwriting is a powerful tool for certain blogs. Analogous to a certain band of phantasm-fighting ne’er do wells, The Ghostwriters™ kick blog-writing butt by showing up when you call, delivering results consistently and accepting relatively low payments.

Moreover, ghostwriters are an economical and professional choice for your site if it sits on a relative extreme of the spectrum, requiring only a few pieces of information, such as a landing page, press release or backstory, or massive quantities of writing, as in product descriptions, constantly updated content or “salesy” articles of middling quality, which call for an invariable tone.

Name Dropping

Ghostwriters are extremely useful, but they’re not appropriate for every situation. There are many instances when a guest writer serves a more beneficial role; for instance, peppering your website with the humor, perspectives and opinions of real people makes it relatable. Even a casual tone maintains respectability and authority when there’s a name attached, and having a variety of distinctive voices gives your blog nuance, which attracts a broader audience. On the flip side, bylines lend greater weight to professional pieces, where anonymity may draw skepticism.

As in the aforementioned cameo example, guest “stars” are generally commanding higher wages, courting a loyal following and injecting charming individuality into their work. This method performs best when nurturing a community of readers who subscribe or visit regularly is a main goal of your blog, which is likely if your content is about fashion, lifestyle, news, entertainment, technology or business. Think of it this way: If you desire specific opinions or professional objectivity, consider hiring a guest writer.

But This is America!

You’re absolutely right. Never accept a choice between two options when you can have them both, and combining the foundational expertise of ghostwriters with a dash of bold flavor from guest writers will result in a delectable and expertly seasoned blog soup.

Blogs, ultimately, are informative and fun. Stimulating content, whether created by ghostwriters or guest writers, ensures your customers discover your site and return time and again. With regards to choosing one style over another, remember: ghostwriters are behind-the scenes minions, and guest writers are eye-catching star power.

Ashley B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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