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Get Yourself on the Big Screen Strategically

big screenIf there was anything that boosted the prevalence of streaming video on the Internet it was the boost in broadband infrastructure, making the high speed Internet capability available for millions. Prior to this push in the last ten years, the only folks who really got to enjoy big video on Internet connection were the holders or blessed recipients of networked T1 lines and similar. Then cable married itself with broadband, and we had the proliferation of high speed data we enjoy today. So why aren’t more content developers using it?

To Video or Not to Video

Part of the issue comes out of a lack of technical knowledge. Average business folks really have two choices when embedded video into content – either go the YouTube route and write in an html link to the YouTube video itself or a similar, third part video display site, easy enough, or actually set up the link to an internal server with the video triggered to stream as desired on the web page. For those independent types who set up their own website or work with clients who are only running simple or rented web pages, then the YouTube route is the preferred method. Those who have the resources available as well as the technical knowledge prefer the internal server route for video embedded content and use. However, even the technical choice is not that hard to master.

The second reason of preferring text over video is the paradigm many still follow that the Internet is mainly for reading, not displaying. This is a generational perspective. There is no question that given the means to stream, younger generations of viewers prefer to consume content in video format. However, Generation X and older still represent a major amount of consumers who spend, and they have a leaning for written content. No surprise then, those who pay for the content are being influenced by what generates revenue as well as their own age demographic preferences as well. Figuring out SEO content writing tips makes far more sense in this perspective than trying to manipulate Adobe Flash video embedding.

Consider Your Real Audience, Not Stat Counters

For the small and medium businesses caught in the middle and trying to optimize their sites, video content is definitely going to score with search engines and get notice. However, companies need to be cognizant of who their customers are are, not just what catches the favor of a computer algorithm that doesn’t pay the bills. If a company knows its readers are the written-content types, simple experimentation with video should be tried, getting folks used to the idea. But don’t do overkill. Lots of readers avoid sites overblown with too much video, feeling they are cluttered or load far too slowly. That hurts presence, interaction and convincing readers to stick around long enough to respond to a call to action.

A full media experience combines text and video into one presentation, which is what is so appealing to younger generational readers today. However, not ever reader wants to be immersed. So businesses need to be in tune with their target markets and respond accordingly. Video can help, but it should not overwhelm.


tom l writerBIO: Tom L has been writing on marketing and digital awareness reach for years, focusing on linking marketing efforts with real time results that can be measured statistically. Having seen how marketing works both in the public and private side of business, he remains a firm advocate of remembering who one’s customers are when building brand presence.




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