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Get Your Grammar News On

Newspapers are great for grammarists! You get all kinds of goodies from alliterative headlines and social commentary and cartoons. But what about online? The New York Times has an entire online division called Grammar and Usage filled with the kind of stuff you want to know all about…as a grammar hound on the constant prowl for golden nuggets of grammatical wisdom.

Overview of Grammar Offerings

The first thing to note—the videos linked to on the Grammar and Usage page? They don’t work, save yourself the trouble. Old, out of date, and linked to nothing. Now, the real action comes from the “News about Grammar and Usage, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.” Here you get the latest, up to date, list of articles that are all about grammar in The NYT. Some of the latest articles up for reads:

  • Semicolon’ Is the Story of a Small Mark That Can Carry Big Ideas

It’s a book review that offers a take on, “Cecelia Watson’s new book is “Semicolon,” a biography of the unusually controversial punctuation mark,” according to the writer, Parul Sehgal.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, new Leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Council, laid down some new grammar rules. It’s so serious The Guardian even had something to say about his grammar hardcore-ness.

Rees-Mogg new rules cover written communication among civil servants under his leadership-ness:

  • Esq. must be used in placed of “non-titled males”
  • Measurements are all imperial—not metric
  • Plus—two spaces after a period
  • More fun stuff—words banned include “equal” and “unacceptable” and “I am pleased to learn.”

Yep. Oh, hold up, that common word is probably banned, too.

Other recommended reads include:

When you want to know the latest and greatest news about grammar—The New York Times is a must-bookmark.

Get More Grammar News

Want another must-bookmark? The blog spot about Grammar and Wordsmithing here at WriterAccess along with some of our other fantabulous-ness like the Gig Economy and Generational Marketing.



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