Get Your Gig On: All the Gig Platforms I Can Find

Getting a gig these days is simple. Well, sure, you say, “Anyone but…fill-in-the-blank to your own industry…can be a freelancer.” Well, folks, actually you can freelance in any industry in some capacity in the modern day economy. This allows you to work on gig opportunities when you want or need to supplement your career or income in some capacity. It also means you can branch out and try something new without having to invest in a four-year degree. Start here with a super generous guide to finding gig work across all industries. Use this to brainstorm across the pond of gig sites and maybe consider crossing over into another industry yourself. After all, that’s the magic behind the gig economy.

The All-Encompassing Gig Economy

The gig economy is more than just a passing fad for freelance journalists, copywriters, and content marketers who work mainly online. According to the Gig Economy Data Hub and statistics from the US Bureau of Labor, you can successfully find gig work in every industry. In fact, the gig economy has been around for ages as seen with migrant workers and construction laborers who travel from gig to gig as the seasons come and go.

To help you better understand just how prevelant the gig economy is, here is the division of the gig economy by industry in the US:

  • Professional and business services 20.6 percent
  • Construction 17.2 percent
  • Education and health services 14.2 percent
  • Financial activities 8.3 percent
  • Other services 7.8 percent
  • Retail trade 6.6 percent
  • Manufacturing 5.9 percent
  • Leisure and hospitality 5.8 percent
  • Transportation and utilities 5.3 percent
  • Information 2.1 percent
  • Wholesale trade 2.0 percent
  • Public administration 2.0 percent
  • Agriculture 1.8 percent
  • Mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction 0.3 percent

Marketing, graphic design, and writing would fall under professional and business services. Additionally, the Gig Economy Data Hub reports that professional and business services include janitors, admin support staff, and accountants in what is called a diverse category. While most of you will fall under this category, you might have skills or work histories in other industries that you can put to work today.

See? The gig economy is more than just Lyfts and Ubers. Now discover where you can get a gig beyond the closed doors and scary closets of Craigslist and out-of-date newspaper advertisements.

Gig Platforms

A note before we begin, this list only includes specific platforms for a single type of gig. There are other platforms like the TaskRabbit where you can do a multitude of different gigs. Check out these industries outside of professional and business services to see where you can flex your freelancer muscles next.

Transportation and Utilities

Information and IT Services

Financial Activities

Retail Trade

Leisure and Hospitality


Education and Health Services

Public Administration


Shiftgig is another excellent resource for gig work. Of course, WriterAccess is the hot spot for finding freelancers in the marketing, writing, and content strategy marketplace. Check it out and see what kind of gigs you can find today!


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