Get on Top of the Top SEO Trends for 2015

by Lara S

seo trends 2015

The best practices for getting noticed on the web are always changing. While there are pundits who like to say that SEO is dead, they’re missing most of the story: SEO is simply changing, and successful SMBs need to change to keep their sites high in the search engine rankings. A few of the best ways to do this in 2015:

Make Your Way with Mobile

Google is placing more and more emphasis on mobile usability. They recently added a mobile section to their Google Webmaster accounts that can let webmasters see how their sites perform on tablets and phones. And, they are adding mobile-friendly icons to search results. And, with more and more users accessing the web from the phones or tablets, this move makes sense. To keep your site relevant, make sure that it performs well on these devices.

Win with Branded Content and Implied Links

A recently submitted patent reveals that Google is giving weight to “implied links,” where a brand or product is mentioned without being expressly linked. Companies at the forefront of new SEO trends will have their professional content writers incorporate these sorts of cues in place of less subtle direct links.

To win with both search engines and readers, do not make the mistake of being overly promotional. Instead, create useful content that relates to, but is not about, your brand. A company that makes ski equipment may present a list of the ten best places to find nice powder and make mention of their brand in that context. A medical practice may write a guide on staying active during winter and mention their practice name in passing. These pieces do not link or overtly sell anything; instead, they give quality information that is linked to a brand.

Be Awesome, Earn Links

Complicated back-linking schemes are dead. Over. Any tricks for faking popularity have been uncovered and will now get you smacked down in your SERP rankings. But, earned back-links from authentic sources are more powerful than they ever were before. By hiring talented professional content writers to create blog posts, infographics, articles and other content for your site, you can ensure that you have what it takes to draw genuine interest. Make content that makes people laugh or think and they will repay you by sharing on their social network of choice.

As search engine algorithms get more sophisticated and consumers become more savvy, the sites that provide what searchers are looking for will rise to the top. Offer useful, entertaining content in formats that fit your readers’ busy lives. By creating quality, you will be repaid in higher rankings and visitors that come to your site again and again.

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