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Get Hired: How to Build A Freelance Writer Bio That Gets You More Work

Get Hired: How to Build A Freelance Writer Bio That Gets You More Work

Typically, clients looking for freelance writers start with the bio and, understandably, want writers who have experience in their niche.

To trust a writer when outsourcing content creation, clients need to be able to determine that the writer is trustworthy, capable, and dependable. These are the three things that your bio has to convey:

How to Prove You’re a Trustworthy Freelance Writer

When a first-time client comes across your bio, they have no idea whether they can trust you to write the content they need.

They have to know that you’ll be able to understand their instructions, keep any confidential information safe, and behave in a professional manner.

To prove you’re trustworthy, your bio should include some testimonials from accredited sources (hint: your mom is not an accredited source).

Accredited testimonials could be from business owners, former clients, or even current employers from your day job. Provide links to their business sites to further prove they are accredited.

Your bio should also relate any professional coursework you’ve completed, such as degrees or certifications.

How to Prove You’re Capable

Even trustworthy people can be poor writers. To prove your capabilities, provide links in your bio to published content that carries your byline.

This will demonstrate to prospective clients that you have the skills required to create their content.

The other piece of the puzzle for proving capabilities is to ensure that all of the writing within your bio is completely free of errors. The writing in your bio should reflect your style and knowledge as a writer.

How to Prove You’re Dependable

Few things are as disappointing to a site owner than a writer who breaks promises.

Clients are looking for dependable writers who will follow through on what they say they’re going to do. So how can you prove that you’re dependable through your bio?

In your bio, not only do you have to write about what you can do; you have to write about how you go about it.

In other words, anyone can promise the moon. You have to tell how you’re going to get there.

This can be done by describing your writing process and condition of deliverables. For instance, you can talk about how you approach your projects.

How do you conduct research? What does the writing process look like for you? What will your finished content look like? Do you provide a list of resources you used? Do you offer image curating? How do you deliver? Will the client get a .doc file?

All these bio details help to assure prospective clients that you know what you’re doing.

They prove that you’re trustworthy, capable, and dependable. If you can deliver this message in your bio, then you’ll be bound to build a bio that brings you more work.

Kathleen S is a knowledgable and trustworthy freelance writer within our platform, specializing in high-end real estate. Her work has appeared on,,,,, and in Parents Magazine.

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