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Get Directions: 5 Tips to Navigate Your Customer’s Journey

Tools today reveal the path customers take to your door like never before. This customer journey may have seemed disjointed and random in days gone–but no more.

It’s defined and measurable through customer journey mapping.

And I know firsthand that when I understand it, I can create a better customer experience to meet business goals through content. You can too.

The proof is in the numbers. 73% of businesses with above-average CX outperform their competitors. Check out these techniques I use to map the customer’s journey.

1. Build an Interdisciplinary Team

When I have a job to do, I put my all into it. I know you do too. You live and breathe being a content marketer, social media manager or business owner.

But to fully understand the customer journey, you need to go beyond your role. Marketing, R&D, Billing, Sales, Customer Care, Business Analytics–each area has a slightly different relationship with customers.

As a former customer service manager, I can attest to this. It’s vital to network with people throughout the organization to understand the customer journey before and after they land in a contact center.

Some see the numbers. Some have one-one experiences with customers in your organization. With a journey mapping team, the place the two meet becomes clearer.

You can create a better customer experience throughout the company.

2. Identify the Touchpoints

Where do potential customers first hear about your business? How do they explore their options with you–or the competition?

Use a combination of online analytics tools and personal observation to learn more about this journey. If you’re several levels removed from the day-to-day, this will be eye-opening.

You’ll see pain points firsthand, including those that people have with your company.

It becomes clearer what kinds of content your customers need to navigate the customer journey more seamlessly.

3. Walk the Paths

You can only do so much with a third-person view. So now it’s time to imagine you’re a prospective customer. Walkthrough the journeys you’ve identified. Start with:

  • A Social media link you shared
  • Search engine result
  • A link on a review site
  • Something shared by someone else
  • A display or text ads
  • Remarketing ads

Ask probing questions.

Where does this take you? Do you feel enticed to learn more?

Is it clear where you should go next? What happens when you click a link from here?

What happens if you try to contact someone, download a free tool/trial or purchase online?

And most importantly, does this path lead me to a business goal?

If not, it’s time to define your customer journey and content strategy more clearly.

And remember! The journey doesn’t end when someone buys something. Your business goals include things like:

  • Customer retention
  • Increasing CLV
  • Getting more reviews, referrals and social sharing

67% of consumers prefer self-help options rather than contacting customer service. Are you making these resources available online?

4. Evaluate the Level of Pressure at a Given Touchpoint

Picture this!

You walk onto a car lot, which I know you may not have done in a long time, but you remember.

A salesperson approaches.

Don’t panic! This is a salesperson who understands how to apply the right amount of pressure at each touchpoint.

They don’t sell hard the first car you see. Instead, they ask questions and help you explore options.

They earn your trust and make you comfortable.

When you find a car you like, they suggest a test drive. The intensity just went up a notch. But you barely notice because you’re further in the journey.

Still this salesperson “plays it cool”, focusing first on the right customer experience.

If they’re too intense here, the experience isn’t pleasant. They lose the sale. So instead, they paint a picture of what your life will be like if you get this car.

You return to the lot after the testdrive. You enjoyed that experience. You want this car.

Now, it’s time for the salesperson to apply more pressure and make a sale now.

While this may seem a million light-years from today’s online customer journey, they’re more alike than they appear.

As you map the customer journey, consider the amount of pressure your content applies and various steps along the path. Should you take this time to build trust, paint a picture or go in for the hard-sell?

Partner with a content creator who understands the right amount of pressure to apply.

5. Listen to Your Customers & Employees

Put your ear to the wall. Listen to what people are saying.

Sometimes this will come straight from the customer’s mouth in the form of a review or social post. Other times, you might get it secondhand from employees who work with those customers. And yet other times, you’ll see it on a report.

Connect this information back to specific touchpoints along the journey. And look at how you can turn knowledge into action to create a more seamless customer journey through marketing, content, sales, support and every connection they make with you.

To find out how Writer Access can help you create content aligned with the customer’s journey, request a demo today.


Leigh M. is a full-time writer who specializes in Marketing, B2B, and Healthcare writing for businesses promoting their brands through engaging and informative books, articles and copy. She has MBA level education, a strong Medical Management background as well as extensive Marketing, SEO and Analytics experience. She leverages advanced content optimization tools like Yoast, Grammarly Pro, Moz, Advanced Marketing Institute, Hemingway Editor and more to deliver polished content ready to meet content objectives. Leigh has the heart of a teacher and her clients appreciate that she can break down high-level topics like biology, nutrition, risk management, analytics, branding, technology, as she shares information in a friendly and informative way. She receives stellar reviews from clients for her consistent customer care, high-quality product and dynamic creativity.

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