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Generating Interesting Content Titles

Interesting Content Titles and HeadlinesTo keep your clients happy, you need to ensure that the content you deliver to them isn’t just like the content that they could get anywhere else. It also shouldn’t be just like the content that is already online on competing websites. The first step to turning out great content that is competitive in the ghost writing service marketplace is to create interesting titles instead of boring ones that are likely already in use on countless sites.

When you give your writers intriguing titles to choose from, you send their imaginations off in new directions. You encourage them to think outside the box and to come at the information from a new perspective.

Finding a New Direction

Many times, the topics that a client needs written about are pretty dry. Fish. They need 30 articles about fish. You can do article titles that require each of your writers to describe a type of fish, articles that offer fishing tips or other standard topics that can be found on dozens of other website, or you can come at the topic from a new direction. Think about what you’d like to click on if you saw a headline about fish. “The Top 10 Ugliest Fish” is probably something you would click on if you were interested in fish. You are probably far more likely to click on that than on “All About Bass.”

Keep the reader in mind—it isn’t all about what people will search for. It’s more about helping your client to build an interesting site that people will want to link to and tell spread the word about.

Make It Topical

Adding something of topical interest is a great way to create a broader interest in the subject. The article doesn’t have to be about just fish. It can be about how recent laws, pollution, fishing habits or tourist traffic have changed things for fish. When you make an article more topical, you make it more personal. You let the reader know why this information matters to them.

Look for New Perspectives

Interesting topics can come from taking a new look at the angle. Instead of creating titles about how to catch a certain fish, you can generate titles about how those fish get away from hooks or how they hide from fishermen. Sometimes, simply turning the table on the perspective can create titles that readers haven’t seen before and are far more interested in reading.

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