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From Brainstorm to Content Order – Organizing Your Thoughts When You Use Freelance Writing Services


Chances are you use freelance writing services because you are extremely busy and perhaps you are not comfortable putting your thoughts into words.

This is a great solution for many busy people because you can obtain the benefits of content marketing, without spending time and effort to write blog posts and other content yourself—and likely the results are even better. However, you still have a small job on your hands. How do you share all those important thoughts with the writer that will turn them into readable content?

Make a List – Putting your ideas in list format is often easier than presenting a huge “wall of text” to your writer. Use bulletpoints and perhaps organize your thoughts with the most important up top. This will help your writer know what matters most to you.

Keep it Simple – Don’t go crazy by presenting every single thought you have. Start simple and work up from there. If you have a very complex topic, perhaps break your information up into distinct sections so that it is not too overwhelming.

Ask for Input – You and your writer are a team. A good content writer may have great ideas about your topic too. Don’t be afraid to ask him or her for their input on the matter. You can always make adjustments later. While it is not always necessary, it can be very valuable to include the writer in your brainstorming process.

Be Available – Once you’ve shared your valuable research and ideas with your writer, make sure he or she knows that you want to be part of the process—then, be available. Check your messages regularly so you can work with the writer and ultimately produce a final piece that perfectly reflects your thoughts on the subject.

Every time you hire freelance writing services to help you put together a post, the process will be slightly different. Just remember, the writer is there for you and you are on the same team. One great solution is to work with the same writer when at all possible. This will allow you to develop a working relationship where you may not have to do quite as much organization—since he or she will already understand your thought process and desires. No matter if you are working with a brand new writer or an old favorite, just keep in mind that the writer can’t read your mind. When in doubt, write it out.

Tracy S is a freelance writer and blogger who is writing her first book. When she’s not glued to the keyboard she has her eyes glued to a sci-fi book, her mind glued on her pool game or has glue on her hands while working on a home improvement project.

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