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Are Freelance Copywriting Services Worth It?

For any business, whether new or established, enticing potential customers to your website is a key factor in building new business relationships and retaining already established customers and clients. One way to get the message about your services and products out to the public is through the written word. Not just any words thrown together, but professionally written content provided by freelance copywriting services.

With real writers at the keyboard, the content comes across as professional and with feeling, not stale, outdated, or difficult to understand.

Freelance Copywriting Services Worth the Cost?

Are freelance copywriting services worth the cost? The answer is yes, hands down. The cost of using quality copywriting services to create content that draws customers to your site and keeps them there means the content is engaging, helpful, and informative.

At the end of the day, generating traffic to your company website is the goal, whatever your products or services may be.

A good example of powerful words comes from a well-known bus transportation company in the United States. The company used the slogan “Leave the driving to us” for decades. That simple phrase, also referred to as a tagline, gets the message across to consumers in a few well-chosen words.

When using copywriting services, this is the type of content copywriters aim for to generate eye-catching and memorable messages to promote your business.

Whether you need an extensive article written, a short blog post, an email to send to new and potential clients, home pages, service pages, landing pages, product descriptions, brochures, staff bios, and more, a copywriting service has the talent to create an impactful message.

When considering whether copywriting services and the cost involved are the answer to promoting your business, keep in mind that you are investing in your company’s future. With content that aims to please on many levels, you’re not rolling the dice hoping the content hits the mark somewhere down the road.

You will be paying for services that are designed to grab and hold the reader’s interest from the start, helping to ensure they do not leave your site to visit a more informed and helpful competitor’s website.


What are Copywriting Services?

If you are not quite sure what is provided when using freelance copywriters, below are more than a few good reasons to use a copywriting service as a tool to enhance your business’s presence on the internet.

  • You have access to experienced freelance writers with multi-business backgrounds.
  • You do not have to worry about orders being outsourced to nonqualified freelance writers.
  • A real person creates the content, not text-to-speech software.
  • A reputable content platform offers freelance copywriting services using writers who have been tested to ensure each has the ability and experience to satisfy content requirements.
  • Content companies offer a variety of features with their services, such as the ability to:
    • Access writer profiles
    • Place your orders with detailed instructions
    • Set a due date
    • Interact with writers via internal messaging when necessary
    • Communicate with your account manager
    • Add optional editing services
  • Clients have access to specialists as well as general knowledge writers.
  • Clients can request evergreen content that continues to be useful for extended periods.
  • Content can be SEO optimized for ranking purposes.
  • A company may offer multiple options to support and enhance your business, such as marketing and strategic specialists.
  • Professionally written copy sends the message your company is a serious and valid business.
  • Copywriting services save time and money by leaving the written portion of a business’s website and marketing agenda to the experts who create quality content daily.

Benefits of Good Copy

When using the services of an experienced copywriter, you can expect high-quality content. You can also be assured that the content has passed Copyscape, so there is no chance the writer has duplicated already published content. In other words, the copy you are paying for is fresh, not refurbished or plagiarized.

Depending on the instructions provided with the order, experienced copywriters know how to take those instructions and convert them into informed content that will promote whatever your company offers to its customers.

Whether you are an automobile dealer and need attention-getting landing pages, the owner of a new restaurant with an exciting menu to share, or you run a bed and breakfast and want an expressive copy to describe the rooms and amenities, getting the word(s) out to the world is when you’ll want a copywriter to go into action. The writer will take your instructions, devise a plan of action, then convert your vision into the right words that send a positive message.

When using copywriting services, you can feel confident that the finished product aligns with your instructions and flows smoothly for the reader. This applies to:

  • Tone, style, voice
  • Readability
  • Use of requested keywords or phrases
  • Other requirements outlined in your instructions

How to Know if Copywriting Services are Good for Business

An ideal way to test-drive copywriting services without a huge investment is by starting a free trial at WriterAccess. This gives you access to thousands of qualified writers available in all time zones, along with the full cache of platform tools and training to create the most memorable web presence. Free trials are open to everyone, and they can be particularly beneficial for:

  • Business owners and managers who have never used copywriting services and would like to see for themselves how it works
  • Entrepreneurs setting up an online business for the first time
  • Agencies and managers looking to change to a professional and interactive copywriting service

Sign up today and get the ball rolling in the direction of professional, high-quality content designed to increase your rankings on the internet. This, in turn, leads to the generation of more traffic, more customers, and more sales.

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