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Freelance Writers for Hire: How to Go Green in Your Home Office This Year

Go Green in Your Home OfficeGreener pastures lie ahead for many freelance writers for hire. No, I’m not talking about the possibility of financial success for 2014, although this is equally as attractive. Going green for many freelance writers means becoming more eco-friendly through sustainable and environmentally safe actions.

For a home office, going green might refer to the change in daily habits, such as the elimination of paper usage or the use of eco-safe products including bamboo. To dig deeper into going green, the EPA provides a thorough online resource referring to the greening of one’s space through environmentally preferred purchasing. So, if you want to go green for 2014, consider these changes to your home work environment.

Air Apparent

The issue with air quality is one that concerns many who are going green. Toxins and airborne pollutants occur through multiple means, including gases given off by furniture, carpeting and paint. Improve the air quality in your home office by installing air purifiers. You can opt for the high priced air purifiers that work by electricity, or you can go a more cost effective route. Several plants available at home and garden supply stores will do the job of cleaning your air. Look for English ivy or the snake plant for your air purifying needs. In addition to removing approximately all airborne mold particles and toxins leached by chemicals, house plants and their greenness will give you a morale boost on days filled with writing assignments.

Surroundings of Freelance Writers for Hire

Look around you. The most typical décor touches you will find are painted walls and carpeted floors. Both of these aspects have the potential to be green. Replace your existing flooring with carpeting that has a high percentage of recycled content and a low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that will be released into the air during the installation and usage period. VOCs are the toxins polluting the air that come from chemicals used in many products. For paint, opt for paints with low VOCs and reduced odor. You should also look at any varnishes and finishes on your office furniture to determine if they are hidden sources of VOCs in your air. Need to replace these items?

Reducing Waste with Office Furnishings

Rather than purchasing all new office equipment for your workspace, go greener by choosing repurposed pieces that are sold used. For instance, choose a wooden desk sold secondhand over an IKEA desk (sorry IKEA!) that is made from composite board and likely to fall apart in a few years of heavy use. By choosing the secondhand desk, you are reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. A solid wooden desk is most likely to last for many years, rather than one that is made to be replaced in a few seasons creating increased waste. If you aren’t sure about the varnishing, stain or paint used for a repurposed desk, prep the piece by sanding away any existing material. Leave natural or coat using an environmentally safe paint or finish. Other office supplies, like technology including computers, should be upgraded or repaired if at all possible, instead of simply replaced.

Fewer Footprints to Greener Pastures

In order to make your way to a greener world, you will need to reduce the number of carbon footprints you leave in your wake. Evaluate your carbon footprint, which refers to the amount of carbon gas you are releasing into the environment according to the number of electrical and gas sourced products you use every day. While most think of the carbon footprint as a vehicle-related concept, you also give off carbon when eating and working. In your home office, your electrical appliances and the amount of waste you make are increasing your carbon load. For example, you can choose energy efficient sources of lighting and appliances with Energy Star ratings over new items that are not energy efficient. For all carbon that you are unable to reduce, you can purchase carbon credits that offset the amount of damage done by the carbon you are releasing into the atmosphere.

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