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Freelance Political Commentary: Social Media’s Germination of Writing Niches that Never Existed Before


Social Media and World Politics – Old Man Time Sprinting to Keep Up with the New Sheriff

No other technology in history has changed the political landscape more quickly nor to a greater extent than social media. Information is distributed and gathered at such a clip and in such quantity that politicians took many a lump learning to deal with the fact that public awareness and reaction is almost immediate once a story gets out.

Because of social media, politicians no longer have a respite before the storm. Once word gets out, reactions and consequences are immediate.

It is becoming harder and harder to bury those dirty little secrets.

Writers: New Sheriff in Political Landscape, Also in Every Other Nook and Cranny

That news travels at imperceptibly fast rates around the globe is yesterday’s news. That people can share massive amounts of information in mere flashes is equally old hat. More humdrum, everyone knows that social media allows people with a common cause to organize in ways and at clips that were not even imaginable 20 years ago.

But something not every person outside the professional ghostwriting services industry may be aware of is that niche writers can now survive — in large numbers — as a result of the internet. There is a demand for quality writers that never existed before in industries that never had use for writers until the advent of the internet.

The surplus of opportunities for writers is on a scale the likes of which never existed before.

The Sheriff Likes to Cross-Dress

Not only are good writers in incredibly high demand, the internet and social media have created sub-niches within the industry. As should have been expected, technical writers are thriving. In the same light, researchers and documentarians have countless opportunities to make a living.

But what was not anticipated was the explosion of opportunities for writers in other niches. For example, making a living as an entertainment columnist was a fantastical dream for all but a select few, just 15 years ago. Now, almost anyone offering professional ghostwriting services can find work writing about the stars.

The niches professional ghostwriters can choose to move into and use to make a living are as large in number as the internet is vast in size.

Everyman Sheriff: Political Commentary No Longer Just for Elitists

One of the most exciting writing niches that has grown exponentially in recent years is political commentary. New and developing events emerge endlessly in the world of politics and the political landscape is ever-changing. That means the need for fresh, new, and up-to-date commentary is a constant.

It is not that politics have changed. Politics have always been fluid but, in the past, we didn’t have the tools to report anything except the most substantial events. Today, anything and everything can be researched and reported.

Father Internet and Daughter Social Media Execute the Excuse

The most common excuse for baby boomers — and to be fair, the generations before them — not to get involved in local, state, and federal government was always, “There is only so much I can do. I am only one person.”

Today, that crutch no longer exists. Becoming involved in public affairs can be as simple as clicking a “like” or “dislike” button. Companies and organizations around the world are also in search of people with a mind for politics who can provide professional ghostwriting services.

The benefits for writers almost goes without saying. Still, it is fun to pinch oneself once in a while: not only can a person reach millions of others with their writing — they are paid for their opinions. No longer are print journalists the only Americans with a far reaching voice.

We got a new sheriff in town: you.

Ryan H is a full-time writer living in the high mountains of Costa Rica. When not behind the computer, he spends his time kayaking and guiding on the rivers in Central America. He boasts to be fluent in Spanish, but his Latina wife argues he can only speak “Ryan.”

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