Freelance Office Copywriter Careers

Office copywriter

If writing is your passion, a valued and credible career to explore is one of freelance office copywriters. These are freelance writers who work on-call, in person within an actual office or online as a virtual copywriter. Many offices require the services of a skilled writer, but some managers may not need to hire someone to actually work in the office as an employee.

When you are a freelance office copywriter, you can schedule your own hours in many cases, and only work when you wish to do so. You can find these jobs online at a content provider website or solicit jobs on your own as private clients.


  • Don’t try to fake it. You must be an experienced copywriter, able to analyze jobs and determine what is needed. You also need to be able to communicate clearly and concisely.
  • Keep separate client folders for every client you do work for. This makes your job easier because you have copies of all the work you have done.
  • Keep careful records of your time per job, payment and client information so you are able to do your taxes correctly each year.


  • Communicate on a regular basis with your freelance office clients. Hopefully they will contact you when they need copywriting.
  • You can develop a little “tips” newsletter, so your communications do not look so much like ordinary solicitation emails.
  • Treat each job as if you were in an office setting; always be professional in your contact with clients, your writing and your billing.


  • – Find information here to structure your freelance office copywriters business and to do tax records.
  • – The Small Business Administration has great information if you wish to finance your business and grow it larger. They can help you create a business plan and get grants or loans.
  • – Legal questions? This is a good reference website for legal information.
  • – Association of Professional Freelance Copywriters
  • – The Professional Copywriters Association (PCA)

Industry News

  • – Content Marketing Association – this website contains valuable information for freelance copywriters who are providing articles and other online content.
  • Watch for local writers’ group meetings or nearby conventions.
  • – Information about industry pay to help you set rates.

Office copywriters are not very organized as a group, per se, like some other broad categories. You can find opportunities everywhere, from websites like to local Craigslist opportunities. Once you are established and have a few clients, you should be busy writing, but never stop looking for better opportunities.

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