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12 Principles to Appeal to Big-Time Publishers: A Free WriterAccess Webinar

Getting big-time editors and publishers to view, read, AND mention your content in the next big story is challenging. It’s even harder when publishers tend to cling to content-rich sites and established authors that they already trust for reliable information.

So, how do you break the ice with publishers and editors and get your great content included in a story or shared with the world?

As director of marketing for Venngage, a company that helps customers make professional infographics in minutes, Nadya Khoja knows the ropes when it comes to creating compelling content. It will probably come as no surprise that she wowed everyone with her presentation at this year’s Content Marketing Conference. Tomorrow at 1 pm ET, she’ll recreate the presentation during our free WriterAccess webinar.

Join us for “12 Principles to Appeal to Big-Time Publishers,” where Nadya will reveal the best-kept secrets for creating content that editors and publishers can’t resist. Soon you’ll be on your way to earning features on big-name sites like Forbes, Wired, The Next Web, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, FastCompany, and more.

Read on for a sneak preview of the topics that Nadya will cover during the webinar…

Solve a Burning Problem

One of Nadya’s principles for creating compelling content is to solve a problem that your audience has. Once you determine what kinds of problems your audience could be facing, you can create stories based on the answers to those issues. It’s inevitable that this kind of content will appeal to big-time publishers, considering that just about everybody could use help solving a problem.

Challenge the Status Quo

Nadya is also a big proponent of challenging the status quo to attract the attention of publishers and editors. For example, her company once released an article titled “We Looked at 137,052 Tweets and Found Out Hashtags are Worthless.” It’s edgy and maybe controversial, but making a strong argument against the norm guarantees that people will be curious about what you have to say.


12 Principles to Appeal to Big-Time Publishers” will teach you how to identify and take over trending topics, how to create engaging content that appeals to multiple audiences, and so much more. If you’re looking to amp up your content game, do yourself a favor and sign up for this webinar!

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