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Free Stuff! 5 Freebies for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

phone2Everyone likes a freebie. In the world of social media marketing strategy getting a free tool that is of quality can greatly increase your ROI. It’s all about understanding how to make the most of your time, and these five tools take your time seriously. Turn your crappy content creation around with these helpful products.

Headline Analyzer

The first thing your readers see is your headline. If you haven’t analyzed and optimized that title you are loosing 38 percent of your readership according to Slate. CoSchedule has the most user friendly, and most cost appropriate, Headline Analyzer tool out there. Get a breakdown of what is working for your headline, along with a score that shows you the strengths and weaknesses of your title or heading. You will also get free access to charts for power words that you should certainly implement into your headline writing.

HTML Hacks for Marketers

When it comes to content creation the goal is to create splashy verbiage worth sharing across many media channels. One area that most content contenders overlook is basic HTML. Stop right there. I know you aren’t a programmer, but understanding how to make your content snag the right web crawlers takes a little finesse. Creep on over to HubSpot and take HTML Hacks for Marketers, a free online course on the basics.

SEOmoz Toolbar

If your goal is to create a network with high quality bloggers and websites with outstanding reputations, install the free SEOmoz toolbar immediately. Using this tool you will get a readout of the domain and page authority of every site you visit, displayed in a brilliant blue banner at the top of your screen. Using sites that have a DA near to 100 as reputable resources hyperlinked in your content will boost your credibility.


With a wonky name like Followerwonk, you might wonder… but don’t dilly dally too long. This tool takes on your Twitter followers and analyzes them to determine who among your faithful followers are social influencers. It spotlights those followers with a decent blog and positive social media presence, helping you clue into your power posters. These are the people whom you want to request to guest blog for your site, and vice versa. The key is to look at people who have the most tweets and followers, while straining away from those who clearly have paid for tweeters. We are looking at you Bieber.

Social Crawlytics

After you have discovered a blogger who has great traffic sense, through the help of Followerwonk, perhaps, it is time to do some Social Crawlytics. No, this isn’t some 1980s exercise video flashback. Social Crawlytics spreads its legs over a site, such as your chosen guest blogger’s site, and looks at the site’s most shared articles. You, then, take this information and determine what the sites’s audience is most interested in reading. Attraction equals attention equals amazing opportunities for you to get your name out there in front of an unsuspecting audience as you create an ally with the owner of the blog.

When used in conjunction with one another, these free tools have the power to transform your social media marketing strategy. Take these tools and multiple your masses of readers.

Writer Bio: Miranda B snags great deals in her sleep…now if she could only write the next Great American Novel in her sleep she’d be bank.

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