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Free Online Writing Tools to Forge Your Freelance Success

The internet has blown the freelance market wide open. With more and better opportunities than ever before, the sky–it seems–is the limit.

In freelance writing, explicitly, 55% of marketers now depend on freelancers to produce their content. And given the importance of that copy to their content marketing strategies, they’re willing to pay for it.  But tapping into those top-paying gigs is an arduous journey, complete with the perils of any worthy quest.

Delivering a refined product is a must. And, for that, you need a robust set of free online writing tools in your toolbox to provide the best outcome for clients now and continually hone your skill as a writer.

1. Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer

Studies show that over 60% of us only read the headline. Around that many will share content based on the headline alone. As for the other 40% of people, without a great headline, they never click.

The AMI Headline Analyzer rates the emotional impact of a headline so that you can fine-tune it. Because the tool is rating emotional language, I’ve found that this tool doesn’t get it right 100% of the time. It dislikes numbers and stats, which will earn clicks with the right audience. But you’ll find it invaluable to uncover the ideal wording.

And like many of these online writing tools, the more you use it, the more automatically you’ll create those snap, crackle, pop headlines that explode off the page.

2. Yoast Real-Time Content Analysis

This free online writing tool analyzes your articles and then shares suggestions to improve your SEO and readability by enhancing your use of:

  • More headings
  • Transition words
  • Shorter paragraphs
  • Shorter sentences
  • Passive voice (sparingly)

Yoast’s recommendations may not align with every client’s preferences, especially those who favor long flowing sentences, paragraphs or gargantuan academic words that only a handful of people know. But most of the time, it will help improve impact, flow and delight for your readers.

3. Hemingway Editor

20th Century author Ernest Hemingway was both loved and hated for his choppy style. But he may just have been ahead of his time.

In most online writing, shorter sentences and paragraphs are more comfortable to follow. They perform better with most audiences. While I was never fond of Hemingway’s writing style, I wouldn’t be without this writing tool named after him.

If your Flesch score is too low, it could take a precious 10 or more minutes to try to improve my score manually. But Hemingway Editor makes it fast and super simple, saving me time and increasing the hourly rate.

It does so by highlighting sentences and words that are harder to read. It also homes in on passive, adverbs and convoluted vocabulary I may want to change for finesse and flow.

Give it a try! As you begin breaking these down into more manageable chunks, you’ll see your score improve fast.

4. Moz Keyword Explorer

Amazing online content supports your client’s digital marketing goals. And one of their most vital objectives is increasing visibility in search engines. Moz Keyword Explorer offers you a free 10 searches a month to uncover the best keywords to target in order to further their search engine visibility.

5. HubSpot Academy

You’ll find many places online to get free certifications in everything from Google Analytics to content marketing. Not only do certifications improve your skills by helping you better understand the whole picture; getting them from brands client’s trust like HubSpot and Yoast shows clients you have what it takes to deliver stellar content.

6. Hootsuite’s Social Listening Tool

Hootsuite is an outstanding social media automation tool. But I also use the social media tool to generate the best topics for clients. This social listening section lets you follow certain hashtags or keywords to know what topics generate buzz in different industries. More buzz = More social sharing. That’s great for clients and keeps them coming back to  you for more.

7. Grammarly

For a free content writing tool, Grammarly offers a wealth of insight to writers. Not only does it help you identify grammar and spelling mistakes. It assesses your readability, tone, syntax and word usage against your content goals so you can optimize the content for your target reader.

Free Online Writing Tools to Hone Your Craft

Like all things in life, practice makes perfect. And having the right online writing tools can help you reach that advanced level faster to delight your clients and solidify your position as their freelance writer of choice. You’ve got the skills. It’s time to get paid. Join the liberated workforce at WriterAccess.


Leigh M. is a full-time writer who specializes in Marketing, B2B, and Healthcare writing for businesses promoting their brands through engaging and informative books, articles and copy. She has MBA level education, a strong Medical Management background as well as extensive Marketing, SEO and Analytics experience. She leverages advanced content optimization tools like Yoast, Grammarly Pro, Moz, Advanced Marketing Institute, Hemingway Editor and more to deliver polished content ready to meet content objectives.Leigh has the heart of a teacher and her clients appreciate that she can break down high-level topics like biology, nutrition, risk management, analytics, branding, technology, as she shares information in a friendly and informative way. She receives stellar reviews from clients for her consistent customer care, high-quality product and dynamic creativity.

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