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Four Reasons Professional Content Writers are Advantageous for SEO Purposes


At one time, search engine optimization (SEO) was mainly focused on keywords, meta tags, and image captions. Thanks to Google’s newer updates, though, SEO has moved beyond the keyword emphasis phase. Nowadays, high ranking content is based on relevant writing that clearly and objectively answers the questions and search queries Internet surfers type into search boxes.

If your small business is looking for a way to enhance its current content, as well as future content that will be posted, then you’ll most definitely benefit from acquiring services from professional content writers. Please take note that the word professional is in bold because there is a major difference between content writers who have been writing for two weeks and those who have been writing professionally for several months to a year or longer.

Moving on, here is a quick glimpse at four reasons professional content writers are advantageous for SEO purposes:

1) They know how to create straightforward (and sometimes quirky) headlines

The first thing that Internet surfers look at when they conduct an online search are the headlines presented to them on the search engine results page(s). They tend to click on the headline that is most relevant to their search. Content writers know how to create headlines that attract clicks.

2) They integrate long-tail keywords into the content they produce

Instead of single keywords, content writers use long-tail keywords in the content that they create. For example, instead of content writer Boston (which doesn’t even make sense), they use keyword phrases more along the lines of ‘professional press release content writer in Boston.’ Long-tail keywords are valuable because they tend to have less competition than short keyword phrases.

3) They know how to properly format the content they create

When content writers first start out in the freelance writing industry, many of them can write well, but don’t know the proper format of the writings they create. In fact, it’s not uncommon for new writers to create content in blocks of text, which can be hard for readers to digest. Professional content writers know how to use subheads, quotes, and bullet points to break up text.

4) They can share your content across a wide array of social media sites

With about one in four people using one or more social media sites in 2013, it makes perfect sense that your 2014 content marketing agenda should include sharing your content across these platforms. When you hire professional content writers to create content for you, you can ask them to share the content they produce for you once it has gone live. Most of the time, you’ll find content writers are more than happy to share these postings for you, especially when you let them have a byline.

Whitney W has been writing since kindergarten, and writing professionally over the past five years. As she continues to progress in her career as a professional content writer, she continually updates herself on the many ways she can be of SEO value to each of her clients.

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