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Four First-Rate Online Resources for Freelance Finance Writers

If there’s one subject that never gets old, it’s money. People everywhere want to know how to get it, how to save it, and how to invest it. What does this mean for you? Simply this: financial writing can provide a capable wordsmith with a handsome income and plenty of opportunity. Of course, the key to getting assignments is providing quality content. So here’s a look at some online resources for freelance finance writers:

1. Investopedia – If there’s a site that provides one-stop shopping for information about money, then this is it. One of its most helpful features is the dictionary of financial terms, which takes the mystery of such imposing words as “debenture” and “featherbedding.” There are tons of articles on investment, debt, budgeting, and hundreds of other topics. You’ll also find instructional videos, analysis of current economic trends, and a simulated environment in which you can try your hand at stock trading without risking your hard-earned cash.

2. – Why are we recommending a jack-of-all-trades site for information on a specific topic? Because of its extensive section on starting and running a small business, that’s why. It has tons of fantastic resources for those wishing to go into business for themselves, from discovering the right niche to handling nitty-gritty details like paperwork and taxes. Financial writers will find plenty of material that will be of interest to bootstrap entrepreneurs of all types, from software engineers to babysitters. And the articles are written so that people without a PhD in macroeconomics can understand them; that’s a plus for 99.999% of us.

3. – Not everyone who reads financial articles is looking for information on Taiwanese bonds or investing in Chinese derivatives. Millions of Americans are searching for guidance on such topics as creating a monthly budget, saving money at the grocery store, and finding the best bargains on family clothing. This site was created by Uncle Sam to provide that to its visitors. This makes it a treasure trove for authors who write for everyday men and women, the kind of people who appreciate no-nonsense tips for making their paychecks go further.

4. Khan Academy – Sometimes financial writing can be a bit on the dry side, especially when the subjects turn to economic theories and business models. But finding expert information on these topics doesn’t have to be expensive, thanks to this site, which was started by former hedge fund manager Salman Khan. This investor-turned-educator holds BS degrees in mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science. He also has an MS in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT and an MBA from Harvard. So calling him “bright” is something of an understatement.

His site has an extensive collection of video-based courses on banking, micro- and macro-economics, venture capital, finance, investing, and a number of other subjects, all discussed from a high-level academic point of view.

Content is Everything

Freelance finance writers don’t have to worry about penning prose that would turn Ernest Hemingway green with envy. But they must be able to make topics that are sometimes arcane understandable to the average reader. The payoff for doing so isn’t just monetary. It also brings with it a deep sense of satisfaction from helping people make the most of their financial resources, whether they’re Fortune 500 executives or working men and women just trying to get by.

Bill W is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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