Form Targeted and Personal Connections Through Google+ Communities

by Sharon T

DeskMaybe your company’s social media marketing strategy already includes Google+, and that’s a smart move. But are you taking advantage of Google+ communities? People create these communities based on common interests and beliefs.

While at first glance, this aspect of the platform might seem like it’s for teen fangirls (which it is), look a little deeper and you’ll see that Google+ is handing you a simple, free way to connect with your target audience. How mind blowing is that?!

Benefits of Google+ Communities to Your Business

So what’s this magical way you’re able to connect with your audience? The communities on Google+ bond people from the same region or around the world who share a love of antique plates or fancy a game of rugby. Basically, you can find a group for any hobby, passion, career or life path.

In case you haven’t connected the dots, Google+ communities aren’t just about forming weird friendships with like-minded strangers. They also provide a way for your business to find groups of people who are interested in exactly what your company has to offer. Looking for your target audience in the vast sea of the Internet? You just found them. And you even found a built-in focus group!

How Can Your Business Use These Communities?

Once you decide to join in the Google+ community fun, it’s important to use this feature wisely. Here are some tips to help you have more success:

Find the Right Communities: Don’t sign up for every community you see. The beauty of Google+ communities is that they’re very specialized. Search for the ones that fit your company’s products, services or mission. Look for groups that are interested in your exact purpose, as well as groups with the kind of people who are likely to connect to your company’s offerings. In addition, you can also find groups with other industry professionals you can network with.

Start a Community: If you can’t find the right community or you want control over the focus, start your own community. This way, you can steer the conversation, decide who joins and put your company’s name front and center.

Don’t Spam: It’s a fact — people really don’t like spamming. You will just repel your target audience with this approach. So rein yourself in from incessantly advertising your business in communities.

Don’t Sell; Connect: Just like with the rest of your social media marketing strategy, using Google+ communities should be about connecting with people instead of just selling to them. So avoid making every contribution about your products or services; instead, use blog posts and articles to share information that would be valuable to your target audience, and share photos, memes, videos and infographics that they might enjoy.

Get Personal and Have Fun: Communities give your company a chance to let loose a little. Let your customers see your quirky side and connect with them on a personal level. That’s how you’ll succeed with Google+ communities.

Sharon T is a freelance writer with an interest in Internet marketing. She enjoys Google+ for connecting, promoting her writing and helping cats take over the world.

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