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Blog Roundup: Content Strategies for Gamers, Finance, Physicians and Digital Marketers

Here at WriterAccess headquarters in Boston, we spent March dreaming about spring’s warmer temperatures, Red Sox opening day, and, of course, prepping to drink our weight in green beer for a huge St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Over on the WriterAccess blog, spring was in full bloom as our writers shared their insider tips for everything from starting a video content program to why sassy content drives conversions.

Our Talent Manager Greg Hunt also congratulated our 34 writers who have written more than one million words with WriterAccess! Our writers are an integral part of why WriterAccess has continued to grow at such an amazing rate, making the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies the last two years in a row. Check out the full list here– and don’t hesitate to reach out for their expert content creation skills!

How to grow your first gardening blog

Erin M
Erin M is a 6-Star writer at WriterAccess

Ready to start a gardening blog but stuck for how best to get started? Melissa shared her tips for how small businesses specializing in landscaping and gardens could take advantage of the spring weather to kick-start their company blogs.

“Don’t approach content brainstorming from the point of view of what you think should be on your site, becoming bogged down guessing what kind of content leads to sales, clicks-per-page or generated ads. After all, thinking up ideas should be the fun part. Gardening is what you’re passionate about, and what you love to help people accomplish in their own backyards.”

Ready to plant the seeds for your own business blog? Read more in “How to Create Gardening Content from the Heart.”

How to engage gamers with creative content

In “How to Create Content Gamers Care About” 5-Start writer Amanda C. cautions us against “churnalism”, a term coined to describe content that’s little more than promotional material masquerading as a press release. In an industry that’s already saturated with content, churnalism is more of the same “copypasta” PR with no new insights or audience personalization.

Instead, Amanda reminds us that playing games are a “subjective, opinionated experience” and that the best articles will connect to this experience, breathing life into the bare facts so gamers actually engage.

For more on Amanda’s tips for great content, including the importance of evergreen content and an all-inclusive program, check out “How to Create Content Gamers Care About.”

How to get started creating videos that sell

Online videos have been called the future of content marketing, but many brands are still struggling to realize their full potential. In “A 5 Step Program for Creating Videos That Sell”, Christopher R walks us through the basics of getting started, including his top tip to call in the professional writers from day one. Why?

“The script is a plan everybody involved has to follow,” writes Christopher. He reminds us that without a great writer (and great script), you’re starting from behind the eight ball on production time and budget before even shooting your first scene.

For more on how to add video into your content marketing mix, check out A 5 Step Program for Creating Videos That Sell.

How to hire writers who care

Sourcing industry experts who take a personal interest in your subject is essential to creating engaging content that truly resonates with your target audience, says Gilbert S.

“Writers tend to pride themselves on the ability to grasp almost any subject and develop a basic, working knowledge of it with only a few hours of research,” cautions Gilbert. That may be well and good for shorter blog articles, but it takes more than just a talented wordsmith to successfully author a longer eBook.

For more on how to find talented writers who genuinely enjoy a subject area, check out Gilbert’s article, “Hire Someone Who Cares.”

How to craft a meaningful brand story

Empathy and true understanding are the two essentials for crafting a brand strategy that truly resonates with customers, writes author Bernadette Jiwa. After WriterAccess CEO Bryan White interviewed Bernadette Jiwa for our Writer Podcast, Holly S. summarized the podcast for the WriterAccess blog. For more key takeways, including how to find the common thread for your brand voice and the importance of a simplified marketing plan, check out Holly’s must-read summary of the podcast: “Meaningful Storytelling with Bernadette Jiwa”.

Why Google’s micro moments matter for your business

We check our phones an average of 150 times per day, turning to them for everything from directions to the closest coffee shop or how to fix a flat tire. Google’s approach to micro-moments is a game changer for digital marketing.

“At the core of each of micro-moment is a person trying to make the most of their time,” writes Travis. G. “Every micro-moment is an opportunity for your business to capture precious attention and convert that visitor into a customer.”

Travis reported on Google’s micro moments and this year’s ICON Conference for the WriterAccess blog. He shares a four-point action plan for how to make the most of micro-moments in the post, “Google’s Micro-Moment: The Mobile Marketing Game-Changer.”

How to master better writing habits

Do you struggle to create compelling, engaging content? Feel like you just can’t translate the enthusiasm you feel for your brand into blog posts people actually want to read? Fear not– the WriterAccess Podcast series is here to help!

WriterAccess CEO Byron White sat down with prolific author Steve Scott. Scott shared his tips for beating wirter’s block, boosting productivity, and bouncing back from failure. Missed the podcast? Alethea M. hits the highlights in her podcast summary, “Writer Podcast: Steve Scott and Writing Habit Mastery.”

Alethea’s top takeway from the podcast? “Make sure your content is valuable and that you are building your readership with quality work. This is really the only way to cut through the clutter and establish a reader base that returns for more of your work in the future.”

The future of digital marketing

Traditional ads are dead, no one clicks on display ads, and consumers are fed up with in-your-face guerilla marketing. So, does any advertising still work? Wendy B. tackled this tough topic for the blog.

“Your customers and prospects are like a bank account, and before you can ask them to give you something (provide information, spend money) you must make a deposit,” writes Wendy. “In other words, you must have relational equity before you can make a withdrawal.”

For more on how to brands can make these deposits, along with the importance of content amplification and retargeting, check out Wendy’s post, “Digital Advertising Evolves: 3 Modern Marketing Techniques.”

Why freelance writers should attend more conferences

Think marketing conferences only offer value for business owners and marketers? Think again: freelance writers can benefit, too.

Pexels /

“Writing is a pretty solitary activity by definition and one that doesn’t naturally lend itself well to networking,” says Linsay E. “It’s easy to see why the marketing and self-promotion
piece remains a challenge, but that’s where conferences like ICON come in.”

Linsay attended ICON16 and reporte back on the experience for the WriterAccess blog. For more on her fascinating conference insights (spoiler alert: she met some pretty cool people) check out her blog, “Why Freelance Writers Should Attend More Conferences Like ICON16.”

How financial advisors can build trust with prospective clients

Trust: it’s that little five-letter word that can make or break million dollar deals. When it comes to building trust, financial advisors face an uphill battle, writes Jeff M. As a financial analyst with an asset management company and as a wealth advisor with Morgan Stanley, Jeff knows first-hand why trust is the foundation for successful business relationships– and the importance of great content for building this trust.

“The most effective strategy for courting those clients who are not only in need of your financial advisory services but actually come to you looking for it is predicated on your being able to establish a sense of trust in their minds,” writes Jeff.

For more on how to build trust with prospective clients, check out Jeff’s blog, “Financial Advisors Should Create Content That Builds Trust in Prospective Clients.”

What it’s like to attend ICON16 as a freelance writer

Wonder what it’s like to attend a small business conference as a writer? Travis G. shares his experience in his humorous post, “The Musings of a Secret Agent Writer at ICON16.”

In between his play-by-play of the speaker sessions, Travis mixes in his own running monologue. Will people try to network with him? Should he start his own business? Should he be automating or outsourcing elements of his life?

For the answers – and the inside scoop on ICON16 – check out The Musings of a Secret Agent Writer at ICON16.”

How to master search and social

Socialized content is content created solely for the purpose of content marketing. Mastering the art of socialized content is essential for optimizing content amplification and finding that sweet spot where SEO and social media come together is essential for marketing success. Not sure how to get started? The WriterAccess podcast comes to the rescue!

For the latest WriterAccess podcast, WriterAccess CEO Byron White talked to Rob Garner, the author of “Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real Time Content Marketing” and Head of Growth at 3Q Digital. Missed the podcast? Brandie P. hits the highlights for us in her summary, “Writer Podcast: Search and Social.”

How to write copy that converts

Want high converting copy? If you want to break through the clutter, then you need to get sassy.

“There are over 150 million blogs on the Internet and 50,000 eBooks were published last year alone,” writes Ginna Hall. “That doesn’t even begin to touch on guides and webinars and other forms of content. The reality is that we need better content, not more content, and we need a good distribution strategy.”

For more on Ginna’s secrets for conversion success, including the importance of being scannable and actionable, check out “Get Sassy: 5 Key Elements of High Converting Content.”

How to create content physicians as business owners want to read

Physicians-as-practice-owners face a steep learning curve. Think brain surgery is hard? Wait until you have to comply with a million different regulations, balance the books, advertise your practice, and keep patients and support staff alike happy. Content marketing is key for reaching these physicians and building a future relationship.

“A few know basic business, while most have no business training whatsoever,” says writer Jacqueline H. Even if they hire a business manager, doctors stay deeply involved in the business because they are typically the primary investors.”

From finance to marketing, learn more about the best ways to reach physicians in “Physicians as business owners and the content they crave.”

6-Star writer Erin M is a freelance writer, she delivers innovative work that directly connects her clients with their target audiences. From optimized web copy and marketing collateral to white papers and eBooks, she’s done it all.

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