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Fixing Up Your Home Improvement Blog


With all the content floating around the Internet about remodeling homes, it’s often a challenge to lure in regular readers. If your blog covers the same things that everyone else is talking about, it will get lost in the crowd quickly. Don’t be a follower when you could be a trendsetter!

Find Some Fresh Ideas

Sometimes it’s tempting to take the easy way out by cherry-picking ideas from top ten lists or whatever else happens to be trending on Google. But if you really want to bring readers in, you have to give them something they’ve never seen before. Try these tips to help find unique ideas:

  • Your Own Home – Is there a dream project you’ve always wanted to do? Do a spotlight on unique and unusual home improvements of your own that show off your quirky personality. If you’ve already completed your project, that’s even better. Hopefully you took some good photos before, during and after the project that you can include in the post.
  • Go Historic – The top image on this page is what a 19th century kitchen used to look like, while this is what today’s 19th century kitchen looks like. While you can’t tell your readers to tear out miles of counters, cabinets, and appliances to install a stove and hutch, you could highlight some of the spartan design elements that were common in those days.
  • Hire Freelance Blog Writers – If the ideas still aren’t coming, you might consider calling for backup. Source out ideas to a talented group of freelancers and you’ll be drawing on their experience as both homeowners and creative thinkers.

Pretty is Nice, But Pretty Useful is Better

The strange thing about home improvement projects is that we all love to fantasize about living in palatial homes. However, if you gave me a such a house, I’d probably ask if you were also giving me an army of maids to keep it clean.

If you want readers to come back for seconds and thirds of your blog, you need to give them something that looks great while filling a need. Instead of writing about fanciful renovations that your average homeowner will likely never tackle, give them something practical. Come up with a creative spin on bathroom shelving ideas or find interesting new materials to make a ceiling medallion.

Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen

No good home improvement blog is complete without a few great pictures. I’ll read about how amazing your new DIY stucco texture looks, but I won’t believe you until you post a picture of it. Are you writing about a simple project that the average tinkerer can accomplish in a weekend? Include a diagram or two. How-to pictures lead to bookmarks, pins, likes, shares, +1’s, and all sorts of stuff that keeps people coming back for future reference.

What home improvement readers want, above all else, is inspiration. Build a reputation for always delivering something new and unexpected and you’ll be sure to draw in a crowd.

Amber K enjoys writing about home improvement, gardening and the great outdoors. When she’s not sitting in front of a computer, she can be found developing strategies to conquer the world -– or at least her own little piece of it!

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