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Five Ways to Make an Old Topic Fresh

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Working as an article writer, you will find that you confront the same topics over and over again. It can take a lot of mettle to keep it up when you feel that you have said everything that you will ever have to say about the subject matter that comes up most often. How can you keep yourself pumped for the job and continue to give your clients quality work? Find new ways to approach age-old topics. A few approaches:

1. Make it seasonal.

While you may write about HVAC all year long, the specific subject matter can be varied to match the needs of the season. Write about turning AC units back on in the spring, managing energy consumption in the summer and end of the year maintenance in the fall and early winter.

2. Find a news angle.

If you write a lot about health, look for new studies that can help educate your readers. To continually find news in your niches, sign up for Google news alerts. These can be set to bring you stories weekly, daily or more often to keep you up to speed. Read your alerts regularly and flag content that is not relevant to keep the best quality news coming to your inbox.

3. Play with opposites.

If you habitually reach for “Five Things you Need to Know About X,” try “Five X Habits to Avoid at All Costs” instead. If you’re big on how-tos, try writing a few list articles, or vice versa. Change up your format and you will find that you naturally hit slightly different topics and write more distinct, fresher articles.

4. Get granular.

The more specific you get, the more there is to write. The world already has more pieces than it will ever need about the best HVAC maintenance tips. But, a piece about what to look for in reusable filters can provide new information to curious readers.

5. Go back to basics.

Written so much about DUI arrests that you can write those articles in your sleep? This can lead to laziness and writing as if everyone else has read about this topic as much as you have. Instead, play a game with yourself and write a post as if your reader is researching this topic for the very first time in her life. Going back over the most basic fundamentals is not just helpful for your reader; it can also help reacquaint you with minor intricacies you have forgotten and can spur new ideas for the future.

No matter how many times you have dealt with any specific topic as an article writer, each piece you write should read as something fresh and novel for your audience. By varying your approach and keeping yourself interested, you can keep your audience interested, too.

Lara S is a freelance writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She is adept at writing content in niches that include marketing, health, food service and more. Contact her for white papers, ebooks, blog posts and articles.

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