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Five Ways to Become a Freelance Science Writer

Freelance science writers are one of the most sought after writers in the industry. This is because writing about “science” encompasses a whole scope of areas. There are numerous branches of scientific writing, such as the physical sciences (chemistry, astronomy), the earth sciences (oceanography, meteorology), the life sciences (botany, medicine) and more. The areas to explore are broad in the field of science writing.

Some great ways to explore the science writer’s world would include:

  • Reading: There are helpful books for science writers that will guide you in this type of writing. They will give you ideas for stories, show how and where to market your writing, discuss different styles of writing and more.
  • Websites: Visiting websites devoted to freelance science writing will truly broaden your horizons in the science world. There are websites offering numerous resources in the field of science and scientific writing.
  • Conferences and workshops: Attend any type of science related exhibit, conference, or workshop available. You will learn some amazing things about science and writing, as well as how the two of them relate. You will be shown how to put it all together in one neat package.
  • Discussions: Get involved in discussion groups and online forums regarding science writers. If just one person opens your mind about something new, it could change your writing career and have a positive impact.
  • Awards, grants, and contests: You may want to try your hand at a contest or two in the field of scientific writing. How exciting would it be to win? If you did win, you would have an impressive credit to add to your portfolio. You have nothing to lose and just as much of a chance as the next person.

Those who would like to become science writers should have a thirst for this type of knowledge. It is intriguing, amazing, and truly fascinating. You never know how far you will go or where the road will take you. One idea in the world of scientific writing could set off a spark that ignites a flame.

Lynn D is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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