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Five Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015

social media marketing trends for 2015

The New Year is upon us, and 2015 promises to be an interesting time of innovation and growth for the digital world and for social media marketing, which is such an integral part of it. Here are a few social media marketing trends that could affect your marketing choices for 2015.

Video Dominates

Not only on Youtube but on Facebook as well, as Facebook scrambles to improve video options for their users. Businesses can cash in on this hugely inexpensive means of putting their commercials before their audiences while entirely bypassing the traditional television path. Social media marketers can continue to keep their costs low while still reaping all of the benefits by using cost effective writing services to produce video scripts for these easily accessible social media videos.

Transmedia Storytelling

This is a fancy term for “hitting them at all angles.” Very similar to the marketing techniques used by the movie industry in order to firmly implant the presence of the newest movie into your mind. You see a trailer on T.V, you see the movie title plastered on the cups at your favorite fast food restaurant, your kids are playing with miniature versions of the movie characters plucked from their kids’ meal bag, bits of the movie fly about your social media networks as your friends share the clips.

The movie industry will literally piece together a story around us instead of simply presenting it all in one place. Social media marketing is beginning to tap into this technique as well. Marketers are beginning to see that content, SEO and social media should not be treated as separate marketing tools, but rather tools that can be intertwined.

New Platforms on the Rise

The decline of Facebook dominating as the king of social media networks could be on the horizon, as users are becoming increasingly agitated over privacy invasion and the way their information is being used. In the midst of this dissatisfaction enter Ello, hailed as the forever ad-free social networking experience. An ad free social networking platform still offers great marketing opportunities, but with the exception that your brand and marketing content will only be shared with members who chose to be a part of your information sharing. Some are claiming that Ello will be the “anti-Facebook” which is appealing to many.

Numbers are the deciding factor when choosing where to place marketing content, and if Ello begins to draw the numbers in 2015 keep them in mind as a possible fertile marketing field.

Facebook Ad Pricing Increase

Along the same wake as the previous point, businesses using Facebook as a marketing venue are also growing weary with their ever increasing greed, namely, the trend to limit posts that fans of a page can actually see unless those posts are “promoted” (paid for) posts. Facebook ad pricing has steadily increased in the last two years and 2015 promises to be much the same.

Twitter Becomes More Business Friendly

In complete opposition to Facebook’s tactics, Twitter is opening their arms to marketers, offering more choice and flexibility so that small to medium sized companies only pay for what they need when using Twitter as an advertising platform.

Sarah R is a content developer and freelance author as well as a single homeschool mother. When she is not creating great content for her clients, she is lost in a world of construction paper, glue, fractions, and sentence diagrams.

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