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Five Reasons to Hire a Content Writer Through a Content Company

Content Companies Ensure You Have Plenty of Options and Back-UpsHiring though a content company doesn’t have to relegate you to cheap article writing services. There are higher-lever content companies that vet their writers so the content that comes through is well written. And when you go through a content company, you don’t have to go through many of the problems that are common when you hire a content writer individually.

Deadline? What Deadline?

Many small businesses have problems with their contractors because it’s tough to assess how well a contractor will meet a deadline before you’ve hired them. It’s rare that a week passes when I don’t hear a story about a content writer who has missed a deadline. The problem is so pervasive that many businesses will no longer hire individuals. They go with content companies because there are multiple writers that can pick up an article if one contractor drops it.

It’s Magic: The Vanishing Contractor

Almost as predictable as the contractor who doesn’t take deadlines seriously is the one who disappears altogether. Some get into writing because they think it will be easy only to have their brains explode as they realize how difficult it really is. Others forget about a project or get so behind that they give up on it and never respond again. With a content company, the company isn’t going anywhere. The company will certainly have writers who drop out and disappear, but there are plenty of others to take up the slack when they do.

Billing, Billing, Billing

If you need multiple content writers, either because of volume or you want each to have expertise in a different topic, the billing and invoices can quickly become a nightmare. When you work through one company, you aren’t expected to pay each one individually. You pay the content company for the work that was done, no matter how many writers you worked with, and the company pays each writer. It’s simple and takes very little time.

Finding That Elusive Expertise

If you have a very specific topic that requires very specific expertise, you have a better chance of finding a writer with that expertise when there’s a wide pool of writers available to you. If the only person who can write effectively about what it’s like to be in a blimp is someone who’s been in one, you can request writers who blimp experience. A large company may have a blimp passenger or two on board who can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Handing Enormous Volume

Whether an enormous volume for your business is 10 pieces of content in a day or 1,000 pieces a month, these are both perfectly doable when you go through a content company to hire writers. Asking a single writer to handle a large volume means just one thing—outsourcing. Often, the work is outsourced to overseas writers who don’t have much experience and who don’t really understand the topics. With a content company, even huge volumes can be handled in little time by the multiple writers who are already hired and ready to take on articles.

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