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Find Topics Your Readers Are Searching for with the Topic Finder Tool

For website owners and managers, the quest to find topics that will keep readers engaged is ongoing and often arduous. The challenge only heightens if your site offers a limited number of products or services — or if those products have a limited number of uses. Even popular sites with diverse goods may eventually find they’ve exhausted all the “usual suspects” and struggle to come up with new content ideas.

The WriterAccess Topic Finder has come to the rescue. This tool will help you build a database of topics for future blog posts. The Topic Finder is designed differently than your standard topic generator. Instead, this feature provides real search queries that people are already looking for.

The built-in Search Volume and CPC columns show you the popularity and actual cost per click, respectively, of each query. Sort by these columns to find topics that are best suited to your purposes. With these popular queries in hand, you’re a step away from creating desirable content to pull in those prospects.

The Topic Finder Tool works for any type of website. To illustrate how to use it, we’ll use the example of an ecommerce site. Let’s say your website sells pet supplies. You’ve already covered the obvious topics such as “How to Measure a Dog for a Collar.” To get your customers coming back to your blog, you’ll need to get more creative. You need to identify what types of information your readers find valuable. Here’s where the WriterAccess Topic Finder Tool comes into play.

How to Get the Most Out of the Topic Finder Tool

First, let’s start simple and do a search for pet supplies.

By clicking on the Search Volume column, we discover that one of the most popular searches is for wholesale pet supplies. We can infer that people or businesses are looking to save money by purchasing pet supplies in bulk. From here, simply turn this into a new blog post on “Why Buy Wholesale Pet Supplies.” You could also spin this into “The Pros and Cons of Wholesale Pet Supplies” and suggest other cost-saving options if your business doesn’t offer wholesale purchases.

Think Specific to Your Business

Now, let’s choose a query that’s more specific to your fictional business. Since your site is ecommerce, we’ll do a search for pet supplies online.

Wholesale purchases makes another appearance (confirming that this is a worthwhile topic). We also get another useful idea: where to buy pet supplies online. This could easily become a blog post on how to find the right online pet supplier. You can provide a comprehensive guide to the top sites (including yours), comparing price, variety, quality, and more.

Emphasize a Product or Service

Next, let’s drill down into specific products that you sell online. What products do you want to move? Enter that in the search box. For this example, let’s choose dog toys.

Dog owners seem particularly interested in making homemade dog toys and effectively cleaning dog toys. Focusing on one product helped us find topics outside the realm of “advice on buying pet supplies.” Now you can generate creative posts specific to dog-lovers and their interests and needs.

Incidentally, don’t hesitate to write about how to make homemade dog toys just because you sell dog toys. The objective is to get people to your site, so they will see the other fabulous products you sell. Covering a breadth of subjects also establishes your site as an authority in the pet supply world.  You could use these queries to write opposing posts like “The Dangers of Homemade Dog Toys” or “How to Make Homemade Dog Toys Safe.”

By conducting a variety of searches with Topic Finder, you can store up an abundance of ideas for the next time you need to find topics for your website. Get creative, think specific, and let us know how the Topic Finder tool impacts your content creation.  We’re excited to read your next post!


Kathleen S has over 10 years of freelance writing and SEO expertise. Kathleen has honed her skills in a wide variety of print and digital media outlets. Her published work has appeared in such publications as Top Agent Magazine, Parents Magazine,,, Health Magazine, Life Extension Magazine,,,,,,, and many more. 

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