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Feghoots and Grawlixes…No, the Fantastic Beasts Haven’t Escaped

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Sometimes you want to create something crazy cool with your content. Well, why not toss some feghoots and grawlixes in the mix? Not sure what the heck I’m talking about? It’s ok! Most readers will find these to be fresh and flavorful—just what you want to bring your content up to star quality.

A Feghoot for You

Feghoots, the shaggy dogs of literature, and I don’t mean that figuratively. Literally, a feghoot is called a shaggy dog story that starts out simple and ends quite punny. Though not necessarily funnily, a feghoot does typically leave the reader with a sly grin. Make way with your own fictional feghoots with the following formula:

  • An anecdote or short story plus elaborate pun ending

A goldmine for finding feghoots is good old Aesop and his fables.

Grawlix All Over the Place

What in the @#$%& is happening? Why the grawlix is on the loose! Here, Dear Reader-Writer is the coolest grammatical nonsense you’ll ever see. A grawlix is any nondescript list of typographical symbols. Comic strip writers and cartoonists depend on these on the daily to keep the ‘toons PC. Fun fact, you can also call a grawlix any of the following:

  • Obscenicons
  • Nittles
  • Jarns

Also, an even funnier fact. You can use a British version of a grawlix and cuss in British. In code. Here you go: @#£%&. Give your content a brush up on the adult themes and keep everything within reason of the NSFW crew.

Find More Grammar Goodies

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“Welcome. I’m the Whispering Wordsmith of the Woods, An Old Man Willow type cunning the lit forest, Disrupting textbookish writers with grammar snaps and cracks.” As a professional web content writer for small-to-medium businesses, Miranda B understands how to effectively balance technical jargon and personal brand messaging. Her content is sticky, evergreen when expected to be, and always creative. Keep ’em coming back for more, that’s Miranda’s motto!

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