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Fall in Love with Windows 8: Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Experience

The word on the street as a site copywriter is that Windows 8 sucks, annoys people, is too different, and is user hostile. Well, as a Windows 8 user, when I initially worked with it, I agreed with all of the above. Initially, I ranted and raved about how loathsome and unnecessary it was. I wanted Windows XP, 7 or even Vista—well maybe not Vista—back, and I would have paid to do it. However, through two different computing experiences and some research for tips and tricks, I have come around with Windows 8. We are now on speaking terms.

The Differences

Sure, Windows 8 is different. That is the point. There isn’t the traditional Start, as this is replaced by app-style logos. And don’t get me started on the all-elusive Shut Down button. This one took me 20 minutes to find on my first go-round. By the way, you can find it by going to Settings, which is at the bottom of the pull-out bar on the right-side of the screen. Sleep and Restart are hiding out there, too. Other than that, the main difference is that you use apps, just like on your smartphone or tablet, to access your files, folders, programs and controls. Once you get your brain wrapped around this, you are golden.

Some Shortcuts

Amp up your app-style PC with some shortcuts that will prevent a meltdown when you forget for the umpteenth time where your programs are pottering.

  • Windows Key + E will open up Explorer where you can search for programs, files and the like.
  • Windows Key + L locks your touchscreen from going all googly when you try to clean the screen or if you are transporting your computer tablet-style.
  • Windows Key + Q opens up the apps on your computer. By the way, you can find most of the apps you are used to with your smartphone or tablet on Windows 8 including those addictive games like Angry Birds.
  • Windows Key + F gives you immediate access to your files, but this opens up a search box for you to look for your files rather than a folder that contains your files.
  • Windows Key + D takes you to your desktop, which is something you won’t see much of as you will spend more of your time in the app section looking for folders, programs and other apps.
  • Windows Key + C opens up your Computer, which is essential for locating the traditional style folder featuring your Favorites and Libraries.

Why Choose Windows 8?

Windows 8 makes networking super simple. You can share things with other computers and users on your network with the touch of the screen. Additionally, if you have more than one gadget with Windows 8, you will find sharing sans USB and emailing to be a freeing experience. One final tip is to choose the touchscreen option when using Windows 8. I started with a basic laptop that featured Windows 8 without a touchscreen, and was held back with my ability to use the app-style system. Once I upgraded to a touchscreen, it transformed my experience immensely. I can actually access all of the apps now as they are meant to be accessed, which includes such Fresh Paint, Piano 8 and all of the insanely addictive games.

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