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Enjoy Your Freelance Writing Job: Learn New Things

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While ditching the 9-5 grind for a freelance career is an adventure, there are times when you are going to find writing about plumbing or car repair a bit dull. For many people, the point of having a freelance writing job is to enjoy the work you do. If you are spending your days feeling bored and you lack motivation to get your work done, it’s time to change things up. Here are some things to try:

Increase Your Knowledge Base

To keep your writing fresh, branch out into new territory. While you may know nothing about chiropractic care, for example, you can learn when you have research skills. As you learn about new topics, you will naturally make yourself more valuable to buyers looking for content. Once you begin to master a particular topic, you will be able to write fresh, exciting content on just about anything. It’s a great way to prevent boredom, and you aren’t going to get stuck writing about the same things every day.

Have No Fear of the Unknown

The good news about being a freelance writer and being able to explain exactly how to repair a heating and cooling system is that you don’t actually have to be able to do it in person. If you’ve never seen the inside of an HVAC unit, there’s no need to panic. You can learn all the different parts inside the machine, understand what happens when something goes wrong, and give advice to those who are looking for HVAC repair. Even if you have the mechanical skills of a toddler, your writing talent can more than make up for it. Fear is only going to hold you back from being the content writer you dream of becoming.

Know Who Your Audience Is

If you find yourself bored with your writing, it’s time to think about who your audience is. The content you create should speak to your audience and provide something useful to take away. Sometimes you might be providing educational materials, but other times you may be writing simply for entertainment purposes. Identify your audience and look to figure out the goal of the content you are creating. Even SEO content can have flair if you use your creativity.

Take a Class or Attend a Training

You might be surprised at the number of training opportunities there are out there for people who want to learn more about a variety of topics. From continuing education classes at your local community college, to a training for local non-profit grant writing, you can find opportunities to educate yourself just about anywhere. When you have an interest in a particular field, it’s time to educate yourself and write about it. While you may never be a registered nurse, plumber, or physical therapist, you can certainly write about the topics with some research.

Find the Fun Wherever You Can

A great way to enjoy your job when you freelance is to connect with other writers. You can find other freelance writers in online forums, or in groups in your community. With the internet, there are all kinds of opportunities for you to meet other writers who spend countless hours at a computer screen each day. Forums can be a great place for you to share your experiences with customers, and gain valuable feedback. You’ll also have the opportunity to react to the stories from others, which can help you relieve stress and have a good laugh.

Brainstorm With Other Writers

Content creation does not have to be done in isolation. While your cat may give you some great ideas in the middle of the night, a brainstorm session with other humans is always good for your writing. Spend time with other writers and have a work session where you can share what you are working on. Talk about your ideas and ask for feedback. Brainstorming sessions can give you the inspiration you need to keep going as a freelance writer.

You can make it as a freelance writer, and you don’t have to be bored every day. While you may have to accept jobs that are less than thrilling to write to pay the bills, it is possible to have more fun when you branch out. Learn new topics. Don’t be afraid to go to a visit with your chiropractor and ask questions. You never know where your next blog post idea is going to come from.

Melissa N has been working as a freelance writer since graduating from college with a BA in English in 1994. She has written many investigations for the juvenile court system, taking complex information and breaking it down into comprehensive reports. Further, Melissa has written on topics such as real estate, gardening, parenting, divorce, personal injury law and fundraising. She has written for Garden Guides, Ehow, Reuters, Find Law and Livestrong. She has written a number of published articles that are now used on legal research sites for attorneys and paralegals.

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