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Energize an Email Marketing Campaign with Dynamic Copywriting

Hire a Copywriter for Your Email Marketing CampaignAlthough the majority of marketing emails appearing in millions of inboxes each day face an undignified and instant extinction with the click of a mouse button, a professionally created email marketing campaign using specific strategies and techniques can substantially increase revenue for any type of business. By targeting the needs of consumers who are particularly interested in a certain product or service and implementing dynamic email marketing copywriting to make this product/service irresistable to them, your business benefits from the ability to retain long-time customers, convince customers to invest in your products and reach out to new customers through social media outlets.

Cast a Subject Line that Hooks the Reader

Just as important as using great email marketing copywriting is the subject line of your marketing email. When the Internet first seduced us by providing vast amounts of entertaining information in which we happily drowned, we clicked and opened every email we received just out of the sheer joy of being the recipient of an “email.” Now that over 20 years have passed since those stone-age days of the World Wide Web, we have acquired a certain intuitiveness that tells us which emails are spammy, questionable or simply useless within seconds of reading the subject line.

Always avoid writing a subject line that sounds like a tired sales pitch spoken by an equally tired used car salesman. Be aware that every halfway decent cliche has been abused by billions of spammers too lazy to invent something original. Moreover, people often perceive sales-oriented subject lines as needy and misleading. Compel your recipients to click open a marketing email by composing a lively, upbeat and authentic subject line that does not contain exclamation points, “$” signs or is typed in all caps. Think about the spam emails you receive and refrain from using anything in your subject line that resembles spam. Additionally, marketing email subject lines should be short and punchy, nothing more than 45-50 characters. Since more people are checking email with smartphones than computers nowadays, the shorter a subject line is, the better.

Companies often spit-test mailings by creating two different subject lines to determine which subject line elicits more responses from recipients. Email marketing software is available that provides statistics showing which email subject line generates more interest.

Impress Customers with Words, Not Punctuation

Contrary to popular belief, exclamation points do not attract attention. Instead, excessive use of “!!!” or “???” taxes a person’s ability to concentrate on the concrete information being conveyed by your email’s content. Reading a sentence like “You can look younger with our skin cream!!!!!!!” also fails to provide the reader with an image describing skin after using the skin cream.

The goal of a marketing email is to tempt the reader into clicking the link that takes them to a landing page where they can find more information about purchasing a product or service. This is why a success email marketing campaign demands dynamic copywriting that balances style, succinctness, subtle integration of an enthusiastic call to action and unique content that consistently remains relevant to the subject line.

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