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End of the Holiday Season Push: Content Strategies That Get Attention During the Holidays

In the next few weeks, the holiday season will peak. By the middle of December, you will need to have most of your online purchases made and be pushing your customers to buy before the holidays are upon us. Right now, you have a final opportunity to get attention to your products and services before that moment arrives. What can you do with your content strategies to encourage customers to buy?

Get creative and get aggressive. In these final weeks prior to the holidays, it is critical to have content that’s going to deliver. It’s best to work with your freelance writers to develop this content at the very beginning of December, to give you the best opportunity to connect with your buyers on social media, your blog, and on your website directly. Consider a few helpful content strategies for the holidays that work.

Create a Recommended Product List

Buyers are looking for solutions right now. They have limited time and just want good ideas that will apply to most people on their shopping list. That is why a recommended product list can work very well here. All you need to do is to create a list of products (that include a few of your own) that appeal to your buyers. Here are some tips:

  • Use photos and captions to describe the product. Keep it brief and clear.
  • State who this type of gift is best for – is it something seniors will appreciate or teens?
  • Always make it easy to buy. Include a CTA that gets them right to the website to buy.

Even if you are offering recommendations outside of what you sell, you’re building rapport with your buyers. You are also becoming a go-to expert for them.

Get Personal with Your Employees

You can easily use your employees to help generate some important content for your readers. For example, perhaps your company is service-oriented. You don’t sell products, but you want to remain present in your customer’s social media use. Why not have employees share some insights or information with readers? Here’s how to make it easy to do:

  • Ask each of your employees to offer a recipe for their favorite holiday dish. Let your freelance writers create content around that.
  • Use this opportunity to highlight some of your key employees. Ask for a quick interview with them about how they celebrate the holidays. Then, have your writers create content around this info.
  • Have employees share information about their year. Remember, the holidays are not just religious celebrations, but also a celebration of the end of the year. What did they accomplish this year?

Be sure to use these on social media as a way to help brand your company but also to help you to have a more personal experience with each of your clients. They are getting to know the people behind your business.

Create Personalized Messages

There are plenty of ways to create content for the holidays, but you want to get a bit off the professional level and get personal in everything you do. This is a good time to allow your customers to get to know what you are doing behind the scenes that makes your company worthy of working with for their needs. Here are a few ideas to take into consideration.

  • Have your employees share a few how-to tips on how they use the products. This allows your employees to demonstrate the value and benefits of any product in a way consumers can easily use it. Use video and content to do this.
  • Create a video message or an email newsletter for your clients and customers about what you’ve done special this holiday season. What means a lot to your company? Have you done any type of charity work that you want to highlight? Create blog posts around this to use on social media, too.
  • Create a personal message for the company’s owner for the holidays. Make sure the brand is fully understood in terms of what’s important to the company – what is the company’s mission statement, and how does that apply to the holiday season?

Be creative in the ways you communicate information. You do not have to be very salesy to get the attention of your clients and customers at this time. Give them information, but also solutions to their needs during this time of the year. These short, personal messages are small bits of content that can truly drive relationship building with your customers.

Don’t put off getting those final content strategies in place before the end of the year. You will find that a final push with your content right now can deliver big results for you that can boost your bottom line just enough.

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Sandy BSandy B. is a full-time, professional freelance writer and copywriter with more than 10 years of online experience. She is also a published author of seven, top-reviewed, in-print books on Amazon. These focus on financial topics such as retirement planning, bankruptcy, business finance, estate planning, and personal credit health as well as organic gardening and clean living. She’s ghostwritten content for hundreds of clients on topics ranging from health to finance, business services, online and offline marketing and much more.

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