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Email Marketing: What Not to Do


Once you have an online presence you can quit all marketing efforts because your customers and readers will be attracted to your site based on its magical, magnetic powers. If you believe that I have a ring called Precious I’d be willing to part with today. In actuality you need to get people interested in your business through marketing, which has been around since the birth of capitalism. One of the most proven ways to do this with online audiences is via email marketing. Unfortunately most people do it all wrong and make the following mistakes.

All For One, and None for All

If you have a signup spot on your website encouraging readers to get on your email list, and that is all, then that’s not enough. You need something to give to your fans, a freebie of some sort. Maybe it’s the promise of a helpful newsletter, better yet maybe it’s a free, informative ebook. You will draw a lot more email subscribers if you are willing to give a little.

It’s All Me, Me, Me

When you blast off emails to your subscribers, how often do you talk about yourself? Don’t you hate it when other people are so selfish? Instead find ways to help your subscribers, either by offering free advice or seasonal tips. You can lean off of your marketing platform for just a little bit each time you email your readers. In fact, jump completely off from time to time. Everyone will appreciate it. Use these diving off points to focus on the reader, by giving them resources and tools that will benefit their needs.

Your Site Sucks

Let’s be honest. Not all of the websites on the web are attractive, user friendly, navigational, inspiring or spam free. Yours should be, though, especially if your emails redirect readers back to your site. Make sure all of your pages load and your links are live. Do an overhaul of your site if you are still using drop-down menus or flash. Avoid having videos or audio play as soon as your site opens as that leads to NSFW usage.

Your Emails are Old Fashioned

If your marketing campaign consists of sending personalized emails to individual customers, then you are missing the mark. Not only will this take up a lot of your valuable time, but it will also send your content straight to the junk mail file. Most email servers are not positioned to accept emails from standard email software, and then end up junking the content before it ever reaches the inbox. Invest in an email delivery program that does the work for you, while keeping your content legit.

No business wants their email campaign to die deader than shopping malls in January. So make sure to avoid these killer mistakes so your readers stick around through the New Year.

miranda bMiranda B is working to build up her online audience, and in the process learning about all of the what not to do’s in regards to marketing.


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