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Editorial Services: Necessary or Not?

With all the focus these days on quality content, I can’t figure out why our clients are not opting to engage in proofreading, editing and senior editing services when they place an order. 

Then it hit me: Too many choices.

The choice of proofreading, editing or senior editing combined with time estimate allocation (and budget allocation) made this important option way too complicated for our customers.  Bottom line: We overtanked this service.  Sorry about that.  So check out our Standard Order.  Simply select proofreading for a flat rate fee of $3.50 for the first 500 words. It’s simple, easy and a better way to launch a proofread service, or proofreading I should say, although I will have an editor look up which term to use….

Hey Byron, it’s me, Genevieve, chiming in to answer your question: I prefer “proofreading,” as I feel it fully depicts the following task at hand: “service.” So, what does that mean?  Well, consider this question: What kind of service is it?

Answer One – “It’s a proofread service, my friend!”

Answer Two – “It’s a proofreading service, my BEST friend!”

The latter word captures the activity of “service” more definitively; it’s a gerund. What’s a gerund? Well, it’s a verbal, ending in –ing, functioning as a noun. “Proofread” is actually worded in sentences as “to proofread,” while “proofreading” does not require “to” to come before it. You don’t say “to proofread service” to describe it; instead, you say “proofreading service.” “Proofreading” stands as an action when placed next to the word “service.” In addition, because it defines the specific type of service, it’s more adaptable in its definitions and usage. Hope that helps.  I’m simply trying to offer some of the knowledge I acquired during my college years as an English major; Oh wait, I thought English majors didn’t get jobs….

Anyway, let’s resume the conversation you started. I agree with you – why wouldn’t clients, hoping to receive beautiful and effective copy, want at least a proofreader to skim over the content for minor grammar, spelling and punctuation issues? For that’s exactly what a proofreader does. They don’t make drastic changes to the original content; they just make a few tweaks. And, significant ones, I might add.

If the client has, as you say, a “time estimate allocation,” as well as a “budget” allocation, then I completely understand why paying for such a service would not be an ideal choice. Some clients don’t feel the need to have their ordered content given a few glimpses, peeks and peeps. You ask: Why not? Well, on WriterAccess, our writers are fully competent when it comes to proofreading their own work, and most of the time, our writers don’t miss a glitch. And, that’s why the swap between the writer and client works; the writers provide what’s been requested of them ­­– and this is a quintessential supply and demand exchange.

However, if a client seeks an editing service for their content, there is an option available with a Standard Order on the WriterAccess platform. WA offers our clients a cost-effective, quality editing service when placing such an order. This service, as previously explained, offers the client the flexibility to choose the length of editing time, based on the size and depth of the copy. Not only is the client given the choice whether or not to have the service, they can even consult higher levels of editorial service if needed. For example, if a client orders an 1,000 word article requiring complete reconstruction and format changes, as well as the standard alterations of grammar, spelling and punctu…..let’s just call it “GSP”; then, we offer that service, as well.

Trying to get the finest and most professional writers to complete your order(s)? WriterAccess is here to help. However, do you need to make sure it’s a flawless, diamond in the rough? Our proofreading and editing services are just what you need.


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By WriterAccess

Guest Author

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