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Why Having an Editorial Calendar Is Not Enough of a Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve discussed many times how important it is to use an editorial calendar in your content marketing strategy, as well as how much you can achieve by using our recently released WriterAccess Content Planner.

But while an editorial calendar is central to having top-quality and easy to track content marketing, there’s more out there that will ensure you’re always able to offer the best and most innovative strategy.

Here are four tools we offer at WriterAccess that can take your strategy to the next level and ensure that you are maximizing ROI.

Topic Pitch

For strategists, one of the most enjoyable parts of their jobs is coming up with creative ideas. It’s more fun to brainstorm blog topics than schedule deadlines.

But 50 titles in, that brainstorming can suddenly seem less fun.

Even the most imaginative will sometimes face “strategist’s block”, and even when the juices are flowing, there’s still a lot of truth to the old adage “two heads are better than one”.

That’s why using our Topic Pitch feature can be an excellent choice to improve on the content you’re creating. It’s one of easiest ways to find engaging angles and topics that will get results.

Content Analytics

Big data might have the ring of a catch phrase, but those are two words that are having a very real impact on every aspect of our world, especially in the world of marketing.

Content analytics is the ‘big data’ that pertains specifically to what strategists do.

It shows the effectiveness of content by translating it into hard numbers. If used well, it can also reveal where to go next to see the best results.

While content analytics has been offered at WriterAccess for several years, it has become even more of an invaluable tool since its initial launch.

Buyer Personas

Know your audience. That edict holds true for writers and even more so for marketers.

By knowing who you’re selling to, you’re able to create a campaign that will let the right people know exactly why they should buy.

Creating a buyer persona (or two) can also help you communicate with writers, allowing them to craft content that is geared toward selling to the right person.

Customer Journey

Content marketing strategy doesn’t mean putting out a blog post and seeing how many sales result from that blog post. In an ideal world, ROI would be as simple as that, but it’s a much more complex process.

That first email might lead to very little in terms of easily measured results, but when you consider that a single click in that first email could lead to a YouTube video that gets shared, goes viral, and leads to tons of sales, there’s a lot more to be said about the effectiveness of that email.

By creating a customer journey map, you’re able to get a full picture of all the moving parts that lead to an effective content strategy campaign.

For even more on this topic, check out WriterAccess CEO Byron White’s recent webinar “Developing Your Content Strategy Game Plan“. It’s available to stream for free in our webinar archive.

Alexandra M is a writer and content strategist for WriterAccess, who specializes in understanding a client’s needs and creating the perfect voice for the intended audience.

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