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Become a Freelance Multimedia Blogger

Want to reel in some extra income? Are you in tune with multimedia and the latest film, music and video technology? Do you like to write? But wait, can you? If so, consider becoming one of many freelance multimedia bloggers.

As a multimedia blogger, you can pick your own schedule and earn income from your home based computer. Don’t quit your day job just yet, as it will naturally take some time to establish yourself in the freelance writing arena, and build a clientele.

Multimedia, such as sound and video related to computer programs and software offering media such as film, music, video and text, is quickly becoming an appealing topic for many bloggers. In order to effectively write on this topic, the writer must be grounded in the use of material and media such as sound, text and television. Multimedia can also take the form of advertising such as press releases, radio and television. Additionally, freelance multimedia bloggers are increasing in demand, as nuances in technology develop over time.

The following are a few tips on how to get started in your freelance writing career:

· Find your writing niche; where does your passion lie? What subjects do you have knowledge of and enjoy passing on to readers?

· Never pay less than what you deserve for a writing job, and never give credit card information to a writing site.

· Never accept freelance writing jobs in which you are paid a very low wage.

· Read what others have to say about the freelance site you chose to write for.

· You must like to research. Consulting qualified sources, such as .edu. .org. or .gov., can provide you with substantial and verified information, necessary for your multimedia focused blogs.

People and companies need writers to develop blogs, sales, website information, and according to industry news, this new field of freelance writing in the multimedia industry is an attractive topic. The salary that many writers can expect is at least $25.00, and at most, $50.00 plus per hour. This is not too shabby, considering most earn minimum wage or just above.

The biggest perk as a writer or blogger within this industry is that you are your own boss. One might ask, how so? Well, you can work at home in your pajamas, with a pot of coffee if you so choose; your time is flexible to your schedule.

Carolann S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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