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Don’t Pass Up Award Opportunities, Let a Freelance Writer Pen Your Nomination

Small Business AwardsPromoting a small business without a major outlay of resources can be a challenge for even the most savvy entrepreneur. That’s why hiring a freelance writer to craft blogs, articles and website copy is an integral piece of the modern advertising puzzle.

But freelance writers can do so much more than writing a couple of blog posts each week. In fact, they can help you get publicity in places you may not have considered.

One of the easiest, least expensive ways to garner publicity for your small business is through awards and contests—either industry specific or more general recognition programs. For example, many regional business publications and national trade magazines host annual contests that highlight young business leaders or outstanding achievements in niches like healthcare, finance, insurance or sales.

Small business owners should take advantage of these opportunities to garner publicity by nominating their company, an employee, a board member or volunteer. Here’s why:

  • When you receive an award—or are even just nominated—you can distribute the news in a media release.
  • If you win an award sponsored by a publication, you’ll receive editorial recognition in the magazine itself and sometimes be offered a chance to advertise at a reduced rate.
  • Your business will gain credibility as an expert service provider and make customers feel more confident in your abilities.
  • News of the award can be easily distributed via various social media channels, newsletters and email campaigns.

Even with all the great benefits that come with winning awards, many small businesses don’t take advantage of these opportunities. Why, you ask? Because the essays and narratives required as part of the package are downright intimidating.

Many business owners shy away from the highly specific questions that require intricately worded answers that often accompany award nominations. But this is a perfect time to call upon a talented freelance writer to help.

Professional writers have the skills to gather pertinent information needed for the nomination and compile it into the format required for the awards program. They can view the nomination as an objective third party and tell your unique story in a way that resonates with members of the judging committee. Then, when you win the award, the writer can also craft press releases, newsletter copy and emails to help spread your good news.

The financial outlay to hire a freelance writer to craft a well-written award nomination pales in comparison to the benefits your business will gain by promoting your awards. Seek out any and all opportunities to gain recognition through awards programs and rely on the services of a professional writer to develop a winning nomination package.

Chelsea A is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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