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Earth, Wind & Fire – Paper, Scissors, Rock

In the beginning, few words, there were. Cavemen demanded to find things quickly.

Much has changed? Expectation plus time equals dissatisfaction. Search results must be quick and accurate. That’s why search algorithm, spider robots expect web page content to specifically supply simplicity on demand with limited words such as “fire must have.” Search is the #1 activity on the internet, reflecting the motivation of the user. To be noticed, you must research the specific language and dialect of the natives.

Drink The Kool-Aid Science

Admit this need for survival by deconstructing your competition. Learn the #1 keyphrase being used by the masses, e.g., search engine optimization. Make a list of relevant keywords, such as: SEO, search, engine, optimization, keyword, keyphrase, result, and rank. Next, Google for a “free keyword tool,” and then, rinse and repeat. High-traffic keyword combinations will take shape and form as the chemistry of your new popularity is born.

Win By Popular Vote

Social engineering, a fundamental principle of SEO copywriting, includes telling people and robots what they want to hear you say. Pontificating popular keyword combinations and name-dropping targeted, niche keyphrases will support the allure of being a compelling, informational socialite. Work that magic into dense keyword anchor text, swap and serve links with relevant rainmakers and walk the talk of high, runway traffic. Embody the total package and become an authority of the topic.

Don’t Be A Hot Mess

Chunky keyword stuffing is for the birds; recommended density is only 1-2% of prized, web page content. Robots are programmed to recognize this frequency as legitimately targeting high-conversion customers. Practice good form by updating websites with fresh, new content and smooth readability. Provide a feast for the software spiders as they crawl and index across your online presence.

Show Off Your HTML

A main keyphrase in every title tag containing less than 63 characters is a priority. Say it again in 20 words in the description tag. Use server side data to populate HTML headers with the words visitors are using to consistently find your pages. Anything within brackets should be concisely SEO. Assign all images with relevant keyphrases in the ALT text portions of your thriving, new code.

Trust Is A Must

Search engines cannot afford to feed people spam, so robots are programmed to avoid it. Doorway pages tease and irritate, thus are oftentimes banned. Website integrity will be quickly assessed and greatly affect thy ranking. Be popular, yet legitimate, with fewer meaningful clicks.

Link Juice City

Premium web content is laced with relevant hyperlinks, purposefully woven with awesome SEO. Robots are fame vampires, interested in cool people connections, and in the fashionable, big dance, you do-si-do with many partners – and the triple threat performer dominates the stage by always showing mad skills on the microphone. Copywriting services are like dancing with a robot, as it should be, and just like the best breakdance headspin, when executed well, the results are astounding.

Jay W is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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