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Does Your Mission Statement Align with Your Core Message?

Business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and advertising executives have one goal, and that is to attract clients through savvy marketing. What constitutes the practice of business messaging is ensuring each word aligns with your mission statement.

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement defines the business, its objectives, and the approach business owners use to reach those objectives. Typically, the manager of the business or sole entrepreneur writes the mission statement based on their vision. Oftentimes, the two get interchanged–mission statement and vision statement–however, the overall message is one of values and goals.

Whomever writes the mission statement, whether manager or corporate executive, their purpose is to include the following:

  • Clearly identify your business culture, the values, the strategy, and your view for the future.
  • Communicate the message in plain, simple language so as to give precision to the honesty of the mission statement.
  • Make certain the goals are measurable, your approach is actionable. and the vision is attainable.

As a mission statement isn’t solely for the purposes of clients and aligning with how you do business, employees of the company are also targets for a mission statement. Companies need to attract quality workers, and with a valuable mission statement that sends an integral message and vision to each employee, their propensity to stay onboard is greater.

Employees love a glaring mission statement that’s posted on the wall the instant you enter the company business. It lets them know how to conduct themselves both externally and internally. For example:

Internal responses of a mission statement for employees

  1. Helps define performance standards
  2. Inspires employees to focus and work towards a common goal
  3. Guides employees in active decision making
  4. Establishes a framework for ethical behavior

External responses for the mission statement

  1. Serves as a public relations tool to attract more business
  2. Enlists support from the outside
  3. Forms closer bonds with alliances, customers, and suppliers who desire quality communication

How to align your core message with your mission statement

There is no greater purpose in marketing your business than to state who you are, what you do, and how the two shall meet. Alignment not only happens within each individual, but the collective as a whole. Creating a mission statement has to come from the heart. It has to be about your purpose and the steps you take to show up and achieve your goals.

Mission statements are based on an honest and genuine assessment of the soul of the business. If the words stray from that core message, customers can sense it when they do business with you, and you’ll know it from the depths of your insides as an employee. Having the ability to write a mission statement that shows the world your brand is one of the greatest talents in business. Say it straight, and say it with vim and vigor. Watch magic take place thereafter with your market strategy.

A good mission statement can transform a business, especially if they coincide with your corporate philosophy and culture. If it’s in alignment with your core message of guiding the company and employees into stellar performances, the statement sets the tone for the future and how to proceed forward in business actions.

Stay on point

It might be easy to stray from the mission statement over the years, unless management is sincerely engaged in inspiring their employees and clients. It is with this staying on message that more people are willing to do business with a company or entrepreneur, thus feeing confident that they’re being cared for and trusted.

Captivate your audience. Surprise your marketing platform. Inject motivating adrenaline into your brand. Your mission statement is your stamp on society. Go get it!


Gerry Ellen A. has been writing professionally since 1995. Her achievements include being a columnist for a prominent magazine called elephant journal, authoring three published books available on Amazon, contributing content to numerous online publications, blogging for the healthcare industry, and freelancing for clients in digital marketing. As an expert copywriter, Gerry Ellen is proficient in white pages, email campaigns, press releases, blogs, all website content, templates, and client consultations.

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