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Does Your Brewery Need a Little Buzz?

brewery marketing
Brewing is a fun business to be in, but you already know that. You spend your days concocting ways to integrate yeast and other ingredients so they stand out in ways that are more amazing than anything your competitors offer. You’re great at what you do, and when happy hour rolls around, a few slightly buzzed patrons make your barley-and-hops match-making skills come to life.

Sure, the brewery biz is all about buzz, but are you doing everything you can to make your marketing efforts hum as harmoniously as your hops do?

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can enhance your brewery’s marketing strategies:

1. Build a Bridge Between Your Brewery and the Surrounding Community

You have an awesome spot that was intentionally designed to bring people together for social celebrations. Now, it’s time to capitalize on your real estate by creating community-minded events. Partner with non-profits to supply beer to their annual fundraising events. You’ll get a tax write-off for the charitable donation, and you’ll be putting your brand in front of dozens of people who will remember your generosity. Best of all, community partnerships are awesome fodder for Facebook chatter.

2. Know Your Demographic

Have you built a brewery where 30-somethings like to unwind after long days at the office, or do your people tend to roll in wearing death metal t-shirts accessorized with bleach stains? As long as they’re paying their tabs, there is no wrong answer; your goal is simply to make money off whichever demographic gravitates to your brewery.

To attract the people who are going to pay your bills, you need to be able to speak their language. Social media posts, blogs, and newsletter blasts will be lost on people who aren’t on the same page.

3. Boast About Big Events

Certain holidays are a given. Even if your brewery has nothing to do with an Irish theme, you’ll probably have plenty of patrons on St. Patrick’s Day. When your town’s Opening Day rolls around, ushering in baseball season and all things related to spring, you’ll have people in your seats. There are plenty of other beer-inspired holidays you can use as fuel for your content marketing fire, too. Let’s be honest; if your brewers aren’t amping up the kettles on American Beer Day and Repeal Prohibition Day, you’re really missing out on some great ways to bring attention to your brewery.

Remember, you can’t post about events at the last minute and expect a huge turnout. You’ve got to be strategic about the way you approach your content calendar. By trickling tidbits about your big events a few weeks ahead of time, you’ll give your patrons plenty of room to make room in their own schedules to attend your festivities.

4.  Don’t Shy Away from Social Media

Some industries struggle to find ways to integrate their messages into social media, but you’re a brewery, and your consumers behold the magic of sites like Instagram and Twitter! Sexy shots of samples, coupled with a few shout-outs to your regulars, can really create a buzz that’ll go a long way. If you’re feeling ultra sassy, imbibe on the idea of generating a hashtag that’s unique to your brewery, and offer an awesome gift card or free visit to someone who uses your hashtag in a really creative way.

Social media enables you to be inventive with the ways in which you interact with your patrons. It’s no longer just about pouring beer; it’s about initiating excitement and creating an experience that lasts longer than the time it takes for someone to sip down a 12-ounce glass.

5. Speak to Amateurs and Beer Connoisseurs Alike

You’re in a unique industry where amateurs and connoisseurs come together to enjoy similar interests. When you create blogs, it’s important to walk a balance between these two demographics because catering to one side will ultimately turn off customers on the other side. It’s not always easy to find neutral ground because you’re super excited about what you do, and you want everybody else to know about it, too. Alternate posts about specific ingredients and seasonal brews with fun what-you-should know posts that invite new consumers to learn about your industry in a welcoming environment.

Are you ready to imbibe on a brewery marketing endeavor that’ll create a real buzz? WriterAccess writers are ready to mix together the ingredients that lead to successful content marketing strategies. You’ve got thousands of writers who would love to create conversations about your hoppy concoctions at the tips of your fingers, so put your pint glass in the air, and touch base with the WriterAccess team today! Cheers to your success!

Kristin B is interested in anything that teaches her something new or gives her a different perspective on something she already knew. She’s a self-proclaimed Learn Nerd, which means the world is her educational oyster, and she’s always seeking opportunities to learn from life’s experiences and her clients’ assignments.

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